Wednesday, December 20, 2006


The night is such a beautiful thing. It secretive and gloomy atmosphere reminds one of many thing that have been long forgotten. Most of the time night is associated with a sense of depression ... but depression is good .. aint it ? Its good as long as u can come out of it in a single piece.

The best thing about night though is that it is followed by a bright and shining day. Its never been that the night lingered on for the day. I am waiting for my night to end.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I am sorry

I am sorry. If u can forgive me it will be great. If u cant, at least u can stop cursing me .. that will help. I hope u understand.

Why dost thou cling fast to an existence so short and so filled with suffering? What is the meaning of thy struggle?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Say what u want ..

I really dont konw whether i should have done what i have or not. But when u need to tell something like that to someone .. aint it always a good idea to go with it ..
May be its a good idea in another part of the world ... over here .. things dont go as u may think ..
but still ... aint this what someone would want to hear ... i mean .. who doesnt want that .. tell me who ...
there may be some ppl who may not want to hear such things ..
well than what choice do i have ... not saying wont do any good either ...
say what u have to say now ... or forever hold your silence ...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Life is beautiful

This Friday, I was invited to a dinner. I wasn't expecting much but at the end of the thing.. it was one of the best experiences of my life. Well  if u think that the food was fabulous, then you are wrong. Lets begin at the beginning ...

There is some person that i know, who lives in a village near the place i work now. He invited me over to a dinner party that he had thrown for some reason. All that i knew before leaving was that i will be along the bank of river Indus. We left and it was about an hour long journey ... not because the place was far away .. but because the road was ... well there was no road at all :/  ... and my stupid ( yet beautiful ) car has such a low clearance that i would have been hit like a hundred times ( or so seemed to me) .

We reached the designated place just after sunset. The whole scene was captivating. The river at it full flow due to the current rains, the fog visible around the area .. and the setting sun ... it was all so magical. We walked around for a while .. and then it got dark and the moon came out. It was like a trip to some fairly land. Small lights shining at the far bank.. half lit moon ... the misty air .. the humming river. and just when i was thinking what can be more perfect than this .. our host invited us to sit down and then started the session of regional music ... i don't have words ( literally ) to explain what it was like .. but i can say only one thing .. I hadn't seen anything like that till now ... the good thing about the music was that it was traditional pushto music ( sitar and dholkay ) and the people singing/ performing were just the common people and not professional ... the music went on for a while .. and soon it was time to eat. It was mutton and rice .. but again .. cooked on wood in the open year ... wood rocks ! mutton rocks !

The after dinner session was again a long musical one .. better than then one before. It continued till like 11 pm ... and finally it was time to leave. The road that we took on return was a longer  .. but clearer road .. so my stupid car was also okay with it .

Now .. time to draw conclusions ... firstly .. the more modern/sophisticate/busy that we get... the more we get away from nature .. and the more we become lame . Nature cheers one up as nothing else can .

The second thing .. know thy heritage. You will enjoy it .. but the more important thing is that u are nothing without it. Be modern .. but take your heritage with u . 

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A person in need of help

There is a person that I have known for the last 20 years now ... all of a sudden i have started hating him. The problem with that person. He gives everyone so much space that ppl can literally walk all over him. A pushover would be the right word for him. If he is reading this i would want him to realize that there is fine line between being nice and being a carpet. Be nice .. thats a good thing .. but dont be a carpet. You never wanted to be a carpet did u?

Now, how am i trying to help this said person? Firstly, I plan on telling it onto his face what a loser he is.. may be it will awake him from his sleep and make him realize whats wrong with him. If i dont correct him now, he will end up ruining his whole life. Help me with any suggestions anyone.


"Its all about the money, isnt it?" I asked in a low disappointed tone.
"Well, money is what u need to buy even a matchbox. What are u without money in this materialistic world. "
"But what if i dont want to earn money to buy a mansion. What if all that i want to do is to earn a simple life." I inquired.
" There is no such thing as a simple life. We all run for money. Money makes the world go round. When u say such things, The society will treat you as a looser. Earn money, and taht too lots of it".
I could talk to myself no longer. The materialistic me is insane. I hope to beat the hell outta him someday.

Friday, July 28, 2006

listen !

Listen to the MUSTN'Ts , child
Listen to the DON'Ts
Listen to the SHOULDN'Ts,
Listen to the IMPOSSIBLEs, the WONT'S
Listen to the NEVER HAVEs
Then listen close to me --
Anything can happen, child,
ANYTHING can be.

-- Shel Silverstein

WE talk !

We talk about love and tranquility,
we talk about peace and prosperity,
we talk about giving and sharing,
we talk about humanity and life,
we talk about saying earth and nurturing greenery,
we talk about friendship and acceptance,
we talk about world peace and global villages,
we talk about the changing face of earth for ever .....

but do we do anything other than talking??

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

whats taking me so long...

Well since the day i became and engineer .. i have been really busy .. so couldnt blog .. i konw you ppl would have been wondering where i went :D .. anywayz .. i will be back soon and then i can tell you whats been going onnn ..

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Today 6/6/6

Six six six ... the number of the beast ... :S

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Stop messing with my blog!!

Whoever is trying to hack into my blogger account ... just let me konw what u dont like in it .. i will remove it myself .. but plz dont mess with my blog !

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Day I Offfically Became an Engineer

Today .. is THE day. I am finally out of student life and stepping into what some say is the practical life .. although my life wasnt theoratical even uptil today .. oo wateva .... TOday was announced the result of our final semester .. i got a staggering 3.47 :s ending in a CGPA of 3.53 [ More that enough for me btw ].

But i wasnt as happy as i should have been . a few of my friends are staying back because they were unable to clear a course of two in the final semester ... i wish them luck and patience ... it will soon be over guys (Y)

Rest all fine ... all accomplised .. time to define new goals ... time to step towards new horizons .. not I am Engineer Yasir Latif :>
It might sound no big a deal to u, but it is for me .. sooooooooo

/me dances arnd shouting .. whose the ENGINEER :D


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Freedom of speech and Internet !

I got this mail a few days back ...there is only one thing that i would say :

If want I wrote is the truth then people should know abuot it, if its not .. then you dont need to worry about ur image being tarnished. If u are stopping me .. stop all of them first who put those stupid cartoon about our Prophet on their blogs. If google cant take them off and what we did was we blocked blogspot like silly cowards. No body .. i repeat NOBODY comes before the Holy Prophet Muhammad ( Peace be upon him)


the actual post that this mail refers to can be found here

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: rehan hussain <>
Date: May 6, 2006 3:06 AM
Subject: Fwd: name slandering - illegal act - crime againts section 22-A under islamic law
yasir dot latif AT gmail dot com

Hello sir,
Kindly remove the article from your site as this is now a matter in legal departments of Google and violation within its jurisdiction is committed. We have this matter looked upon by higher authoroties and surely you would not like to get involve otherwise. Thanks
Rayhan hussain
Toronto legal Team

Note: forwarded message attached.

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---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: rehan hussain <>
Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 20:57:47 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: name slandering - illegal act - crime againts section 22-A under islamic law
Dear Sir / Madam
Trust all well on your side"
I Rayhan Hussain on behalf of are at your disposal for the removal of such group "
It is effecting the credibilityy of the celebrities and very important and respected people that are affiliated with us in the promotion of "Peace and Universal brother hood" and this Peace effort is not only by one idividual its an effort that is in progress globally and steaks will be very high if these unlawfull acts from this group does not come to a halt. This matter is being looked upon by local courts and lawyers and currently have release subpoenas for their arrests.( court orders are in hand and can be presented upon request).
On behalf of I Rayhan Hussain will one more time attach the document which consist of unlawfull act under section 22-A by this so called . It is against the law to bName Slander bwithout any probable cause or proof.
These people are committing a crime against Peace and Universal brotherhood and as you may know this by now that very important, respected politicians and celebrities are affiliated with this website and its cause to promote bPeaceb globally.
Kindly reply us asap with the approval of ARTILCLES removal from GOOGLEbs jurisdiction, Apprantly this customer of yours is unlawfully and illegally misusing your space for the distruction of our image and efforts through out the globe, the matter is SERIOUS!!
Please analyze the attached document and the article below very carefully as itbs a legal issue gone bad and we dont want this to go out hands towards disaster. This article below is a CRIME!!
And it consists of words such as Sex, Terrorist etc.
Awaiting your response.
Thanking you in advance.
I have pasted the contents below, thanks
Toronto Legal Team

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The greeat the water fight !

a few of the cs12 ppl .. after the last class and the tea party
and that is where it started :D

at the end, we were all mud soaked monsters :D
Another view of the ENGINEERS :D

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The last day of cs12

Today was our last working day at Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute. Today was a day when according to jay "I just realized cs12 is history". Yep, its here. Today was not a day like any other day. Today was the day we had all waited for but none of us was aware that it would be this hard.

The day started off with our compilers class , the last  class. When we had come to GIKI as the freshmen, we had a quiz in our very first class i.e. MM101. Today was the last class and in it we had a quiz too. Following the class was a tea party by our instructor, Mr,. Usman Adeel. There was a small photoshoot that followed. It was after this photoshoot that boxer and bali filled jugs and attacked us unaware. Thus began a historical water fight. A water fight ( + mud of course) the likes of which GIKI had not seen. cs12 rocked GIKI. Anyone who came near was first given the special ritual that consisted of dragging in the mud and mud spraying. Following it was the cleaning ritual and the circle continued. We had a lil rain dance by Goalto. WE played rugby with sana's sandal and we followed the wierd spinning trick of zubair. The fun part was landing on the mud highway.. rather sliding. It was the best last day that could ever have been.

WE are the cs12. A group of techo freaks, chill pills and theetas. WE have lived like a family for four years and now the time has come to say our good byes . Saying Goodbye is never easy and is this case .. its seems like impossible. I LOVE YOU cs12 !!!

If i could go back in time and live this all over again .. i would be more that pleased to end up the same way.

My clock just moved over to 6th May  2006.  Its  over  !

Friday, April 21, 2006

I surrender

I surrender today ... I have fought a long war .. now i am tired and i konw i cant win
/me places his sword and shied on the ground

Friday, April 14, 2006

Open House 06

Today was the open house. It was nothing like we had expected ... although it was the same tiring .. but we dint enjoy it as much as we shold have. Today was the open day for companies .. alot of companies came and we ( me shah azi and shadz) kept talking all the time. Tomoroow i have interviews ... around six of them .. but lets see what happens .. details later .. have to find a place to crash

There should be a nice quotation here ... but i cant recall one at the moment :D

Monday, April 10, 2006

u can run but ...

u can run ... but u cant hide ... thats the moral of the story ... i guess u can hide too ... but fringging who cares ... :D

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Softec 2006, FAST NU Lahore

A programming competition by the name Dynamoc Programming competition was held at FAST NU Lahore as a part of Softec 06. Me, Shah and Irfan competed and we ended up well. It was my first time in speed programming and it was fun. 

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

5 am : Stuck with compilers ..

Today we have compilers :/
Have been studying for it .. lets see what happens now :/

Friday, March 03, 2006

What has been happening ...

Alot has been happening recently. Vicky went back to college on the 1st of March .. and although it the same whether he is home or at college coz i am at giki ... but still i miss him. Our mids are also hanging on the head like a naked swrod .. this time i am doomed .. but i will not complain to anyone coz that will make me look stupid .. infact more stupid that how much i actually am. The day after tomorrow comes Alogs ..or more formally, "The Design and Analysis of Algorithms". Crappy carp ! :/
Then there is a whole lot of other stuff that will be happening over the next week. Fortunately, this will be our second last exam here .. so doesnt matter ... anymore where i give it a full shot or just a lil less. I hope i dont fall.
This have been preety the same lately ... the same old me .. the same Red Hat 9 .. and NS2 and the same FYP lab .. hours after hours .. continuous work. I hope it pays off someday. The lab is a nice place .. quite and calm. I like working there ... but its still kinda cold. :/
Our yearbook is up .. and i have got 6 comments till now. will start commenting a lil later in time . The idea of us leaving hasnt struck me yet.
Dont u have anytime better to do? Go watch TV. See that world as THEY want u to see it and when the illusion lifts, dont come crying to me!
can u see the text above?

Monday, February 27, 2006

Its been a long time ...

There is some mess up with the blog recently and I couldnt post for such a long time ... Later then .. this lab needs to be closed now :/

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Basant '06

Today was the [hopefully] last basant for us in GIKI. The event as always attrated alot of people. I as being the social freak that I am, was not as "happy" abuot it as i should have been. God i hate gatherings. I spent most of my time today in the damned FYP lab .. and that tooo alone. My compilers assignemnt is literally killing my brain. Well ... i will be posting about in my tech blog what i have learnt .. but that later.

Today was a day that start at arnd 12 noon.. a day when u dont want to get out of the bed coz u have nothing to look forward to ... but u have to get out of the bed coz what the hell .. u still have to do it. Today was a day like all other days .. something new dint happen. Gullo went back to england and i couldnt even say good bye :/ Damn .. I hate this place.

I will miss this place :S ... i will miss everyone everything ... more on that later as graduation comes closer. I currently have watto's Ipod and i am thinking about getting one for myself too ... well there are alot of things i need .. will add this one to the wishlist too

Meanwhile, outside GIKI ... protest continue. Men pitted against men .. only the uniforms make them shoot and kill. Civil war ??? nay .. its too early to say something like that. The protests represent the anger over cartoons, the anger over army rule, the anger over stupidity of Gen Pervaiz, the anger over well .. all the stuff that has been going wrong. We are not lambs that u may make us move into any direction .. all the anger had finally found an outlet .. lets see where it stops !
shocking images at this blog

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Clash of idealogy

In the current row of protests over the cartoons, a lot is happening in Pakistan, which earlier was just a silent witness. All this is happening at the ppl level and the governmnet is yet to take a stand.
In pesh, angry mob has stoned the st. Patrick's church, the girls school attached to it and the boys christian school the name of which i dont remember at the moment. At the same time, the national tv and other Dubai based channel are giving full coverage to the Valentine's Day. Aint we going a bit wrong? We are stoning the church coz someone of their religion committed a crime against ours. If that is the case then the West is justified in suspecting every Muslim to be a terrorist. Assuming that by some freak logic, this can be justified .. then the same freak logic wont be able to explain the zeal and fervour with which Pakistanis celebrated the Valentines Day.
We have to choose. The choice will matter how we look at things. We should either have our sympathies with the EAST or the WEST. There is no way in between.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

damn cupid .. dont u have an arrow for me :/

Happy Valentine's Day ...
From me
To me.

Loads of love, mum ,dad , sis, lil-sis and vicky ... i love u all the most in this world. Love me back the same. I could use some at the moment.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Nan [Today]

Nan yo deera ajeeba rwaz waa ... [Today was a very awkward day]
I got up at arnd 10 cursing my alarm clock and myself for not being able to
get up for my compilers class ... but i made it just in time to reach the
sat mob one and i came to konw that the compliers class dint take place ...
then we had a quiz of sat mob. ..which went really .... newayz .. it will be
a zero to open my account with . then came the real stuff ... i went to the
FYP lab at arnd 230 and stayed there will 10 .. except for half an hour in
which i had my dinnch [ dinner + lunch]. This FYP thing is really going out
of hand.

Two good things happened today
1) Shah got to the secong round of interview at microsoft .. Congrats man ..
once again .. aakahir FYP parter kis ka hai >:D
2) Someone got a lil sense spoken into them, making my life a bit easy.

Today was infact a very stupid day like all the others.. I dont get whats
wrong with u .. why are u reading this :P go read a manga .. that will be
more interesting that this :D

There are two things in life, reason and result. Reason is for satifying
yourself, result is what matters to everyone else. I found my reason, have


Sometimes all my ambitions nullify .... sometimes ..... i just thank God its
not for a long time .
O Mighty one, guide us onto the straight path. We are but lost sheep who
dont konw our way. Help us, have pity on us.

Monday, February 06, 2006

There is a time

There is a time to let go .. i think its mine now

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Today; a day wasted,
When tomorrow becomes today,
Yet another day!

Monday, January 23, 2006

I am a chicken

I am a chicken ... I was afraid for no reason at all. No one in the interview bit me. :D

My day started at 5 and then at 6 coz i had slept again. I was thinking that the Fajr Prayers are at 5 45 so i will easily get a van arnd 630-ish. But the Fajr prayers are at 630. So i had nothing to do but to get up, get ready, pray and then leave and wait for the first Van to leave for Islamabad. To my bad luck, today was Monday, and all the Vans that arrived were full. Then out of nowhere came a taxi ... and it took me all the way to Islambad for the normal fare of a Van. From there i got hold of another taxi and reach the venue 15 mins before time .. howz that for quick ? :D
Then i was lost. I was sitting in the library while they looked at all the places for me. I was orginally the third person for the interview, but they took my interview at the 15th postion. Everything went well. :)
Now I am back and plan on sleeping.

And  a special thanks to you for being so caring and concerned. I hope u always remain like that. :)

Thinking of whats coming up ....

Tomorrow.. rather today .. i have this interview for a PhD scholarship in islamabad at COMSATS. I dont know why but i am pretty scared .. dont konw what they will ask .. dont konw what will happen .. but first thing is to reach there in time .. so i need to sleep ... will post later the detail .. plz pray for me.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

listen !

This sucks .. this really does ... why is the question i ask !
I dont know .. I dont even know how should i feel about it ... no senses .. no emotion ... just a lost path .. where thousands of roads cross each other at the same point .. and i am standing on the same point ... the sign boards give directions that make no sense .. where  have i to go .. or all these paths lead to not the place where i want to go ... i am as lost as a sheep in a jungle full of wolves ... there is no light at the end of the tunnel ... we are all doomed .. as doomed can be

When someone talks to me of love .. i mock their innocence ... there is no such thing as love .. there is only one emotion .. hatred ... dark and deep rooted hatred ... the lesser version of which ppl term as love .. we all bear each other .. so that we may live on ...

Look happy now ... feel happy now .. concentrate on the present .. forget what was ... forget what will be ... let go ... let go !

but may be i dont want to let go ... i want to hold onto the past and drag it with myself into the future .. may be i dont want things to change .. may be i never wanted to ...

in life.... u go on ... u will heal what has been damaged ... but all u need to have is patience .. believe in things will get better .. just belive it

as if beliefs change nething ... from my side u can believe in urself ... i just belief in what is real .. what stands out to be real for me .. not what i optimistically assume would become true one day ... I hate u ... coz i loved u ... die ! *bang* *bang* *bang*

silence ....................

Monday, January 16, 2006

Human life is worth shit?

The pictures show what happened after CIA carried out airstrikes in the Pak-Afghan border of Bajawar Agency. In hope of killing Al-Zawahiri, they ended up killing 18 innocent people including women and children ... can u guess how Washington reacted to this? here is a sample from Guardian Unlimited (Full story)
``We apologize, but I can't tell you that we wouldn't do the same thing again'' in going after Ayman al-Zawahri, said Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.
The cost of Human life , from what my little mind can conclude, is dependant on where u live. Its the land that determines if u can die in an airstirke out of no fault of your own or survive after carrying out a school shooting.

Politics is not my thing .. but what depresses me is the loss of life of these innocent people. One day Washington will get hold off ( or as they say "kill") Al-Zawahiri ... but how many innocent lives will be sacrificed ... only time can tell. I hope someone remains alive on the face of the globe to see the only super power in the world at its peak.

Monday, January 02, 2006

The New year celebrations

My new year this time ... started in GIKI ... am stuck here for my FYP and Horizon work
On 31st December, we made a plan to go hiking ... but till the time everything was put to order .. it was very late .. night had already fallen .. so there was alil change of plans ... and we went to right bank instead .. after a tea and pakora session .. i floated the idea of celebrating the new year ... so we decided to get a fresh cake for the occasion ... but the place where we are ... its difficult to get one .. as there are no good bakeries here ... but we made a pineapple cake to order ... for which we had to wait for about an hour in Topi. This gave us time to wonder in the market place on the new year's eve ... but dont start thinking something alreadyy ... the whole place was closed like nething :D
At last we got the cake .. with which Zubair had done a lil mischief .. but still .. we walked back to GIKI.
The dinner consisted of chicken Karahi .. at cafe ... it was delicious ... followed by a DP [ the GIKI acronym for Doodh Patti] :D
then we went over to zubair's room and waited for the time to come ... just before the midnight .. we had again alil change of plans and we started the new year ahead of the whole nations ... but approx 25 mins ... cake and pepsi ... a wierd combination though
I stayed over at zubair's and watched a 1973 classic "The Sting" followed by "Bedazzled"... i like heather graham :D
then we watched the ever watchable Bleach till 8am and had our breakfast
so was the first night on the year
lets hope that this year is better that the one that has just passed
here is my checklist for this year

1- Complete my graduation
2- Go for MS .. if i get an admission and a scholarship
3- If not 2, Find a job
4. If not 3, Become a TA at GIKI .. but i dont like that as much
5- [Not Decided yet]

pray for me i get 1 and 2
Hmmm Chicken
[Invader Zim]

Zim: Gir, I have been captured !!!
Gir: Yaaaaaaaaaaaay !!!
Zim: No, Gir thats a bad thing !!
Gir: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!
[Invader Zim]