Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A person in need of help

There is a person that I have known for the last 20 years now ... all of a sudden i have started hating him. The problem with that person. He gives everyone so much space that ppl can literally walk all over him. A pushover would be the right word for him. If he is reading this i would want him to realize that there is fine line between being nice and being a carpet. Be nice .. thats a good thing .. but dont be a carpet. You never wanted to be a carpet did u?

Now, how am i trying to help this said person? Firstly, I plan on telling it onto his face what a loser he is.. may be it will awake him from his sleep and make him realize whats wrong with him. If i dont correct him now, he will end up ruining his whole life. Help me with any suggestions anyone.


yas said...

howdy yasir? long time...
erm no suggestions. its true what you said though... i mean the last line of your post.

just say it to him, but say it in a nice manner. dont make him feel as though you're criticzing him. make him feel that you care for him and wanna help him.

hows everything else going man?
kya haal hai?

yasir said...

hey... long time haan. Whats up with u? How is life going?

I wish I could do something for that person. Lets see what happens .. will keep u informed :P

omg! u konw urdu :S