Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Binary .. We created everything in pairs

We love binary... computers cant understand nething but binary, everything is represented as binary ie either 1 or 0. In our communication book there is a historical note given about the person who came up with the idea. His intentions were that 1 represents that God is one and zero represents nothingness. IF he could represent everything in the from of zeros and ones this would mean that God created everything from nothing.  What a noble cause ! Thank u for giving us binary !

Remeber there are two things ... reason and result .. its the result that counts

Monday, November 28, 2005

The truth finally unveils

to my utter surprise, astonishment and blah blah .. yesterday a few of my friends proved my worst fear to be real ..
in many books they have a saying that goes "Silence is gold" but for me silence is who i am. I cant talk .. its simple and it is like that .. it hasnt changed, it cant change and it wont change ... even if i try i cant help it .. talking makes the stupid man inside me come out and face me .. i am afraid of him ... he tells me to shut up even before i have said something ... the only time i can talk is infront of ppl who i konw will not take me for the words that come out of my mouth but for the person who i am ... but the such ppl can be counted on fingertips
any advice how can i  come out of the slient Bob situation that i am in at the moment .. plz jolt it down in the comments

Friday, November 25, 2005


today was a hectic day in my life .... i left my room at nine in the morn and havent returned till now .. its past 1 am now... there were two labs today .. one lecture in between them ... one lecture before the first lab and one at 9 am ....
and why am i in the lab at this hour?
well i have a presentation of SIP (signal and image processing) tomorrow and its about ECG filtering .. as the net doent work in the hostels .. so i am here working on the presentaion ... shahji has left :(
so as i had nothing to do to take my mind off for a minutes , so i thought about writing something up

today was this wierd lecture about Paraigm shift .. by some dude ... dint get what he was saying :D
but the key to sucess is

U -> I -> V

U is bad
I is okay
V is the best

Hold me now, i'm six feet from the edge and i'm thinking
may be six feet aint so far down

Thursday, November 24, 2005

i dont get u

seriously i dont get u ... u are the words worst code ever ... impossible to decipher ... impossible to break

Science Marathon

Yesterday was the science marathon... we decided to take part at the very last moment and reached the place just after the time... It was fun ... we reached the last round ahead of everyone else and there we had to make a model out of paper, icecream sticks, straws and tape. The criteria was to make such a model that would stay in the air longest. We managed to make something nice and something we were sure that would last in the air the most ..

Well then something happened ... we were third, second and finally fourth .. thanks to Science Society who have to care so much about transperancy that they dont even stick to their rules. We dint win ... that doesnt bother me ... what really bothers me is that S cube was third !!

Newayz it was loads of fun ... we enjoyed alot .. and by alot i mean alot
thats all fer now
chao :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

my mishtake

Yesterday, we had the second mid term exam of operations manangement. The paper was a wreck. Two out of the three questions were such that there could be found no definate solution to. The MCQs part, well cant say nething about that till the scores have come.

The whole hall was talking in the end ... i also did "talk" on 2 MCQs but i am ashamed about it. This is not for the reason that its a sin .. but it is intellectual dishonesty. I hope not to pull such an act again.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

and it happens ....

well ... after a very long time .. about 8 monts .. i finally had a haircut :D .. yaa and now i look like a small school going kid :/
basically ppl tell me i look fine .. but i liked my previous look ... now i look more like a cadet than a student of the hot and happening CS engineering :D

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Another Stupid Test ... but look at the result

Which forensic investigation tool are you?

Lie detector

So it's only about 90% accurate and not admissible in court, but the polygraph is still a helpful tool to lead detectives in the right direction. Whether it breathes new life into a cold case, or simply helps investigators rule out yet another suspect it's certainly an important tool of the trade.

Personality Test Results

So be careful the next time u lie to me ... see .... i can tell ... lol

I am a STOP sign :D

What traffic sign are you most like?


You're just annoyed at everything around you. You wish you just had the power to make it stop.

Personality Test Results

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Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

Wierd .. but true :D i think i am rather a STOP Sign

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Eid .. Holidays and the rest of the crap

Eid came and went as usual ... nothing special this time as well ... eid used to be such an awaited event when we were kids .. but it no longer makes any sense .. the same ritual is followed each year ... the namaz and then the greeeting sessions ... that are really tiresome :/

i came back to giki on tuesday, the 8th of Nov .. to work on my final year project and a few other things that are still pending. I watched the 'Kindom of heaven' .. a really nice movies .. the thing i liked about it was that they have no tampered with the history much .. and i am reading Da Vinci too .. hope to finish it soon ... chao

--nothing else matters