Friday, November 25, 2005


today was a hectic day in my life .... i left my room at nine in the morn and havent returned till now .. its past 1 am now... there were two labs today .. one lecture in between them ... one lecture before the first lab and one at 9 am ....
and why am i in the lab at this hour?
well i have a presentation of SIP (signal and image processing) tomorrow and its about ECG filtering .. as the net doent work in the hostels .. so i am here working on the presentaion ... shahji has left :(
so as i had nothing to do to take my mind off for a minutes , so i thought about writing something up

today was this wierd lecture about Paraigm shift .. by some dude ... dint get what he was saying :D
but the key to sucess is

U -> I -> V

U is bad
I is okay
V is the best

Hold me now, i'm six feet from the edge and i'm thinking
may be six feet aint so far down


FuschiaOpal said...

poor u...

yasir said...

poor me...

Yas said...

Lol, you joker.
Good luck with your exams.

yasir said...

thanku .. but where did i specify that my exams were near .. are u a psychic or .... better .. a blog psychic :D
thanku alot newayz :)

Yas said...

Assalamu 'alaykum
Lol @ blog psychic!
To tell you the truth, I dont know how I came up with the exams thingy. Maybe dimaag kharaab tha. Ahahaha!