Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A post on a comment

this one is for u Bhatti :)

Bhatti wrote me a comment on the last post and i wondered what success means to us? What is it that we have achieved will satisfy our appetite for ... well victory ? " We dont have any great wars, any great depression" .. but still we fight and we try to win. Victory it seems has a very wierd definition .....

"vic·to·ry "
n. pl. vic·to·ries
  1. Defeat of an enemy or opponent.
  2. Success in a struggle against difficulties or an obstacle.
  3. The state of having triumphed.

and the opposite of which is "to lose" and the one who loses is a looser... we are not all winners coz we cant have the whole world and till we dont have the whole world .. well we are a looser at one thing or the other .... we might think of other ppl have "perfect" life ... having everything worked out for themselves ... but where there is a head, there is a looser .

When Alexandar conqured the world, legend has it, and came back to meet his teacher, he said to his teacher, " Now that i have conquered half the world what do u want me to do? " and the reply he got was " Get aside, u are blocking my sunlight"

there is no such thing are complete satisfaction, complete happiness and complete victory.. thats what i believe .. we make small victories and we are happy about them .. the rest of the time we lament what we could win, what we could have or what we could get rid off.

When i call myself a looser, i konw why i am doing so. anyone who would spend a lil time with me would know what a pathetic loser i am. Nothing is normal, nothing is real, nothing is everlasting, everything is a dream and i cant wait to wake up and find where i really am !!

Today i saw a thing in the newspaper .. somewhere in an english speaking country ppl were having a soap fight kinda thing .. all happy and smiling and stuff ... on the opposite side was the picture of a demonstration in palestine .. ppl crying and protesting for the release of their relatives held in Israeli jails ... what a contrast !

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A long post

I really feel like writing a real long post but i have nothing in mind ... my FYP idea is still pending and i dont have any idea what i will do or for that matter what we will do ... all the teachers here suck ...... they are here for nothing but fun as i see it... they sit here teach nothing and their stupid minds are not worth the idea that can be implemented as FYPs ( except for Sajid Qamar, i really like that guy) Today we did a parade to all the faulty members offices but nothing useful came out of it .. they are as dumb ( well infact more dumb ) then us ... a person wanted me to implement a small project as my FYP coz "well in FYPs who works"..... guess he cant be blamed he was trying to help in the first place

today i tried to read my ANN book but no use. ... nothing enters my mind till its a mid or a final the next day ... but i plan to change that ( as if i have been able to do it in the last 3 years :D ) and todays was a fun day ;)

My recent activites tell me that i am a loser ... a total complete idiot loser ... i wont be able to make nething out of my life if i remain how i am .... things need to change and need to change quick ... we are not kids any more .. we need to take decisions by ourselves

and this ends what i wanted to write or at least i dont have nething else in my mind at the moment ... so dear diary good night :D

Well .......

There is a famous saying
" tum kisi pay aik parda dalo Allah tum par 70 parday dalay gaa"
[English] Hide someone's fault once, Allah will hide your faults 70 times

(Thats the best translation i could do )

In what Allah and his prophet have said to us there is always wisdom. Human beings are very weak snd they commit mistakes all the time. What comes to our part is not to speard what someone has done wrong as it will create problems for that person. What we can do it to follow the above saying and keep our hell holes shut !! People might have lost everything thanks to your "curiosity" and "enthusiam" Thank u everyone

Monday, August 22, 2005

First Day at GIKI

Like always .. the first days at GIKI sucked .. and masroor took my mobile .. well it wasnt mine it was asad's but still cant we even message someone from the class ? :D I though he will give it back to me after the class but being the *#$# he is, told me that i will get it after 3 days .. after alot of sorries and stuff the term was reduced to 2 days :( still whats this crap man ... gimme my mobile back

rest the classes were same boring , teachers same monotonous and routine still the same haphazard ... kahir it was the first day lets see how things go !!

GIKI rocks!!

Finally I am back at giki ... my last year here ... i dont know i should be happy saying that or sad :S but still its nice to know that this will end in some time ... as they say "All is well that ends" :)

anddddddddddddddddddd now i can blog again ... yayeyyy

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


They are killing me i have nothing to do and i cant blog coz i dont have net that much :S

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Harry Potter and the nine tail chakra

I think we should have a fight between Naruto and Harry Potter to see who wins .. I am betting on Naruto :)

Another last day !

Today is another last day at UNDP :> guess these guys liked me so much they wont let me go :> kahir this is the final day, will stay here for the next day only if they pay me Rs 1,00,000 per day (ie 1 lac) :D

Monday, August 01, 2005

My counter is nuts !!

The counter on my site is crazy !! its stuck on 58 :( or may be ppl arent reading my blog !!
okay i dont write so that ppl may read it ...
or do I?
i dont know
may be is my connection to the outside world
the things i cant say i can write
why do i tend to get all philosophical :S
kahir... times out !

Internship .. all the fuss

At the very start of this all, the days when we were decideing about our internships, we were all very excited and angry( at least i was coz CS dint get any resonable internships). We all were thinking God knows what about the place we will be interning as if we will be treated as Kings there :D

Now its over. For once, the first emotion is that of hapiness. We are free once again to go back to GIKI and talk crap on CS12 .. we are free to wake up at 12 each day and stay up all night, and above all we are free to do what we want. No one to tell u that u are late and no one to order u to do something really stupid for them as a favour .. dumbasses rule the corporate world....

The internship was not that bad an experience. At least i came to know that i can be never on time. I still remain to be the non-social animal (errr) that i am. I learnt alot of things on the internship. This blog is also one of these things. and i learnt alot many other things too that will help me all my life i guess

Islamabad.... well at first i loved islamabad but spending there 2 months here have made me hate this place. Its nothing as compared to Peshawar okay its clean and neat and blah blah ... but who needs a grass field if u dont have neone to console u ? Pesh is great .. i luv u pesh ..

Today is my last day in Isb and i am leaving for home tonight. Will spend the rest of the days in the sweet ol' Pesh. I will be thinking about a second internship though which will definately be in pesh. UNDP was one hell of an experience. Met a load of new people. Time to say this place good-bye i guess.

In the end what matters is not how but what !