Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A post on a comment

this one is for u Bhatti :)

Bhatti wrote me a comment on the last post and i wondered what success means to us? What is it that we have achieved will satisfy our appetite for ... well victory ? " We dont have any great wars, any great depression" .. but still we fight and we try to win. Victory it seems has a very wierd definition .....

"vic·to·ry "
n. pl. vic·to·ries
  1. Defeat of an enemy or opponent.
  2. Success in a struggle against difficulties or an obstacle.
  3. The state of having triumphed.

and the opposite of which is "to lose" and the one who loses is a looser... we are not all winners coz we cant have the whole world and till we dont have the whole world .. well we are a looser at one thing or the other .... we might think of other ppl have "perfect" life ... having everything worked out for themselves ... but where there is a head, there is a looser .

When Alexandar conqured the world, legend has it, and came back to meet his teacher, he said to his teacher, " Now that i have conquered half the world what do u want me to do? " and the reply he got was " Get aside, u are blocking my sunlight"

there is no such thing are complete satisfaction, complete happiness and complete victory.. thats what i believe .. we make small victories and we are happy about them .. the rest of the time we lament what we could win, what we could have or what we could get rid off.

When i call myself a looser, i konw why i am doing so. anyone who would spend a lil time with me would know what a pathetic loser i am. Nothing is normal, nothing is real, nothing is everlasting, everything is a dream and i cant wait to wake up and find where i really am !!

Today i saw a thing in the newspaper .. somewhere in an english speaking country ppl were having a soap fight kinda thing .. all happy and smiling and stuff ... on the opposite side was the picture of a demonstration in palestine .. ppl crying and protesting for the release of their relatives held in Israeli jails ... what a contrast !

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