Monday, August 01, 2005

Internship .. all the fuss

At the very start of this all, the days when we were decideing about our internships, we were all very excited and angry( at least i was coz CS dint get any resonable internships). We all were thinking God knows what about the place we will be interning as if we will be treated as Kings there :D

Now its over. For once, the first emotion is that of hapiness. We are free once again to go back to GIKI and talk crap on CS12 .. we are free to wake up at 12 each day and stay up all night, and above all we are free to do what we want. No one to tell u that u are late and no one to order u to do something really stupid for them as a favour .. dumbasses rule the corporate world....

The internship was not that bad an experience. At least i came to know that i can be never on time. I still remain to be the non-social animal (errr) that i am. I learnt alot of things on the internship. This blog is also one of these things. and i learnt alot many other things too that will help me all my life i guess

Islamabad.... well at first i loved islamabad but spending there 2 months here have made me hate this place. Its nothing as compared to Peshawar okay its clean and neat and blah blah ... but who needs a grass field if u dont have neone to console u ? Pesh is great .. i luv u pesh ..

Today is my last day in Isb and i am leaving for home tonight. Will spend the rest of the days in the sweet ol' Pesh. I will be thinking about a second internship though which will definately be in pesh. UNDP was one hell of an experience. Met a load of new people. Time to say this place good-bye i guess.

In the end what matters is not how but what !

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sQeKy said...

poor ol dabba got ragged in isloo :D