Monday, October 24, 2005

talkative moron

why do i talk so much .. i cant say .. its like i cant keep my mouth shut when i have to .. i just sometimes speak to make sound ... nothing else but to merely make sound ... tomorrow is my ANN mid and i dont feel like working for it ..
i need someone to talk to :/

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Responsibility :/

Someone once told me .. u are responsible for urself .. i dont remember why or how i am responsible for the actions of everyone that i know  ..

and i hate 20th Oct .. for reasons that i may not remember after a few years .. but right now .. i am so pissed off

i hate the whole world and i guss the reverse might also become true very soon

i am the mirror on your wall .. talk to me all u want .. but dont expect a reply

pardon me O Lord .. i have done things that u might not approve of ... but give me the courage to face the world i abhor with decency and courage

There is a world and there are ppl .. abandoned places that i visit only in my dreams and the ppl there are like ghosts

there is a something somewhere that keep haunting me like nething

I may not seem to care .. but i cant care less

There is a river .. and there is a peaceful place on its bank .. there i will find peace and sleep like a baby .. no one will disturb us there

Celebrate life ... it may not be there for u long

The sun rose on 8th October ... but for many ppl  .. it would be the last sun rise they ever seee... arnd 9 in the morn .. there is an earthquake that changed the life of the whole nation ... not to mention changing the entire course for ppl who were directly afftected by it .

The time i was still in my bed .. i jumped out and ran out of the hostel in the fastest sprint i could sprint ... thank God it gave us time to save ourself ... although nothing fell ... but still it was a moment of mixed enthusiam and fear .... i went back to sleep ... and woke up arnd 2 unaware what the jolt might have done to so may ppl ....

My Conclusion: We havent signed a contract and thats the worst part of it ... we havent been given a date of return but we know we bought a return ticket ... we are planning our lives as if we will all live to be 80 or 90 ... cherishing life .... i dont object to that ... but lets take a moment of slience and ponder .. if we were to be lifted right now ... are we prepared ??

This was a preety old post but i managed to complete it now  .. the lazy that i am :/