Tuesday, March 07, 2006

5 am : Stuck with compilers ..

Today we have compilers :/
Have been studying for it .. lets see what happens now :/

Friday, March 03, 2006

What has been happening ...

Alot has been happening recently. Vicky went back to college on the 1st of March .. and although it the same whether he is home or at college coz i am at giki ... but still i miss him. Our mids are also hanging on the head like a naked swrod .. this time i am doomed .. but i will not complain to anyone coz that will make me look stupid .. infact more stupid that how much i actually am. The day after tomorrow comes Alogs ..or more formally, "The Design and Analysis of Algorithms". Crappy carp ! :/
Then there is a whole lot of other stuff that will be happening over the next week. Fortunately, this will be our second last exam here .. so doesnt matter ... anymore where i give it a full shot or just a lil less. I hope i dont fall.
This have been preety the same lately ... the same old me .. the same Red Hat 9 .. and NS2 and the same FYP lab .. hours after hours .. continuous work. I hope it pays off someday. The lab is a nice place .. quite and calm. I like working there ... but its still kinda cold. :/
Our yearbook is up .. and i have got 6 comments till now. will start commenting a lil later in time . The idea of us leaving hasnt struck me yet.
Dont u have anytime better to do? Go watch TV. See that world as THEY want u to see it and when the illusion lifts, dont come crying to me!
can u see the text above?