Thursday, November 06, 2008


One of my favorite topics is Life, always have been always will be. Its the small things in life that push me to write something. Life with its ups and downs is the bumpy road that we all travel each day, in parallel to each other , making our own paths. Some of these paths bring us closer to one another and some of these paths take us away from each other to such large distance that a return seems impossible. I think about lies, and how they makes these come back very difficult.

In myself, I have always though of myself as someone who does not consider "people" (an euphemism for society) as a factor when talking decisions or when forming my opinion about something. I take pride in such freedom. For me people are not even on the list of merit/demerit that I have to consider when I have to make a choice. People can go to Hell for all I care. But I hear that it is not like that for normal people (  yeah i am not normal, i get that alot). The fear of people, in specific the phrase "Log kia kahain gaye... " [translated : "What will the people say/think .. "] is the one which makes me lose my temper every time. To hell with people and to hell with their opinions. I hate people and I hate their opinions. If you are one of the normal people, let me tell you, its okay to be not normal. Break free, live for what you are and not what people expect of you.

We give more weight to those opinions which are inline with our thinking model or our opinion. We don't even stop to think for a minute about the person who is saying it. If its something that we like but comes from a person that we do not like, we gladly quote it anywhere that we want. But if its something that is not in line with our thought process and is said by someone very near to us, we simple choose to ignore it. What is this about? Does nobody see the inbuilt hypocrisy in that or is it called "just being human"? If this is the latter, I refuse to be labeled a human any more. I refuse to be a being who joys himself in the sufferings of other and denies help to them when they need it most. I hate to be the part of the gossiping circle that is called "family" these days. If you are family, act like one. This is not a Star Plus Soap Opera for God's sake !

Many times I have been told and I know for a fact myself that I am asocial. I don't mix with people that easy. I have my reasons for that, and I don't think that I have the need to explain them to anyone at ALL. This in no way means that I am "proud". Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you otherwise. Live and let, that's what I believe in.

Trying to make some sense of all these random thoughts? Well don't. At least I can't.