Thursday, September 04, 2008

A thinking mind

We go about our everyday lives and we never stop to think, not even for a single moment. When I say "think" I don't mean "Let me think where I want to have lunch" but rather "Let me think why this is so". Life is suppose to mean something and make perfect sense. For a thinking man, it sometimes does.(It can never make perfect sense to anyone no matter how thinking). But lets first see what happens to a man who does not think, who takes life as it comes to him without noting down anything from it and without adding anything to it.

Meet Mike. Mike is a grad student like most of us. He wants to earn alot of money, fame and all the rest that the world has to offer. Mike also knows that in order to obtain these things, he will have to work real hard. Mike is a very normal person. Like most of us, he does not think. He assumes that life will someday offer him a path that will take him to the destiny that he does not know anything about yet but is sure that its there waiting for him. His life is governed by uncertainty and confusion. We are all like Mike.

One day Mike came across something that really puzzled him and forced him to think. Think! think! the problem said. Mike, being unaccustomed to the tradition, tried. But thinking did not come to him naturally and instead what he thought he was thinking and acting on was his gut feeling. Gut feeling is more related to emotions than to mind. Man is mind and emotions, the former being more emphasized. So Mike being an emotional man went with his gut feeling that he "thought" was the right thing to do. We are all like Mike.

Wiser men have described the path to God as being along the thinking road. Think and ye shall find God. Think and ye shall find yourself. Know thyself and thy shall know God.

Take a look around you and ask yourself, "Am I living in a place where people think?" If you happen to be a normal person who is not a part of philosophical and literary circles, you answer would most probably be no. You might as well ask "Why think?" or  "What would change if I think?" or "What can I do I am only one man?" or God forbid " What should I think about ?"

Let me give you something to think about. Think about us. Think about what we are doing  to our fellow human beings. Think about life not as you know it but as how other people experience it. Think about the world around you. Think about your body and what an amazing machine it it. Think about your parents about your children and how you can help them become better humans. ( better does not necessarily mean rich !) Think about the people who are losing lives just cause you did not pay attention when you were voting. Think about Africa, Asia and the Middle east. Think about life, about how short it is and about how would you like to be remembered. Think about doing something to make the world a better place. Think, not about people, but about ideas. Ideas are immortal, ideas change lives, people just help in the process. Think about why you are here and finally think about Life. Observe people as the pass you on the road or in the train. Think of their stories and their lives. Think, for the love of God, think.

On a similar note, thinking about things that do not matter is like thinking about Superman.(Superman does not exists by the way). Avoid any thinking that is not fruitful. Thinking about something that does not exists (this includes all the super heroes) is a waste of time and talent.

Life is very short. The moment that is passing will not come back. If you have to come up with a great idea, the time is now. Great ideas wont wait for you to take some rest a think anew tomorrow morning. Live you life to the fullest does not mean crazy driving and loads of girls. Live you life to the fullest means to explore all the potential that has been bestowed upon you. Human mind has uncapped potential, all that we have to do it to tap into it.