Monday, February 27, 2006

Its been a long time ...

There is some mess up with the blog recently and I couldnt post for such a long time ... Later then .. this lab needs to be closed now :/

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Basant '06

Today was the [hopefully] last basant for us in GIKI. The event as always attrated alot of people. I as being the social freak that I am, was not as "happy" abuot it as i should have been. God i hate gatherings. I spent most of my time today in the damned FYP lab .. and that tooo alone. My compilers assignemnt is literally killing my brain. Well ... i will be posting about in my tech blog what i have learnt .. but that later.

Today was a day that start at arnd 12 noon.. a day when u dont want to get out of the bed coz u have nothing to look forward to ... but u have to get out of the bed coz what the hell .. u still have to do it. Today was a day like all other days .. something new dint happen. Gullo went back to england and i couldnt even say good bye :/ Damn .. I hate this place.

I will miss this place :S ... i will miss everyone everything ... more on that later as graduation comes closer. I currently have watto's Ipod and i am thinking about getting one for myself too ... well there are alot of things i need .. will add this one to the wishlist too

Meanwhile, outside GIKI ... protest continue. Men pitted against men .. only the uniforms make them shoot and kill. Civil war ??? nay .. its too early to say something like that. The protests represent the anger over cartoons, the anger over army rule, the anger over stupidity of Gen Pervaiz, the anger over well .. all the stuff that has been going wrong. We are not lambs that u may make us move into any direction .. all the anger had finally found an outlet .. lets see where it stops !
shocking images at this blog

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Clash of idealogy

In the current row of protests over the cartoons, a lot is happening in Pakistan, which earlier was just a silent witness. All this is happening at the ppl level and the governmnet is yet to take a stand.
In pesh, angry mob has stoned the st. Patrick's church, the girls school attached to it and the boys christian school the name of which i dont remember at the moment. At the same time, the national tv and other Dubai based channel are giving full coverage to the Valentine's Day. Aint we going a bit wrong? We are stoning the church coz someone of their religion committed a crime against ours. If that is the case then the West is justified in suspecting every Muslim to be a terrorist. Assuming that by some freak logic, this can be justified .. then the same freak logic wont be able to explain the zeal and fervour with which Pakistanis celebrated the Valentines Day.
We have to choose. The choice will matter how we look at things. We should either have our sympathies with the EAST or the WEST. There is no way in between.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

damn cupid .. dont u have an arrow for me :/

Happy Valentine's Day ...
From me
To me.

Loads of love, mum ,dad , sis, lil-sis and vicky ... i love u all the most in this world. Love me back the same. I could use some at the moment.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Nan [Today]

Nan yo deera ajeeba rwaz waa ... [Today was a very awkward day]
I got up at arnd 10 cursing my alarm clock and myself for not being able to
get up for my compilers class ... but i made it just in time to reach the
sat mob one and i came to konw that the compliers class dint take place ...
then we had a quiz of sat mob. ..which went really .... newayz .. it will be
a zero to open my account with . then came the real stuff ... i went to the
FYP lab at arnd 230 and stayed there will 10 .. except for half an hour in
which i had my dinnch [ dinner + lunch]. This FYP thing is really going out
of hand.

Two good things happened today
1) Shah got to the secong round of interview at microsoft .. Congrats man ..
once again .. aakahir FYP parter kis ka hai >:D
2) Someone got a lil sense spoken into them, making my life a bit easy.

Today was infact a very stupid day like all the others.. I dont get whats
wrong with u .. why are u reading this :P go read a manga .. that will be
more interesting that this :D

There are two things in life, reason and result. Reason is for satifying
yourself, result is what matters to everyone else. I found my reason, have


Sometimes all my ambitions nullify .... sometimes ..... i just thank God its
not for a long time .
O Mighty one, guide us onto the straight path. We are but lost sheep who
dont konw our way. Help us, have pity on us.

Monday, February 06, 2006

There is a time

There is a time to let go .. i think its mine now