Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Clash of idealogy

In the current row of protests over the cartoons, a lot is happening in Pakistan, which earlier was just a silent witness. All this is happening at the ppl level and the governmnet is yet to take a stand.
In pesh, angry mob has stoned the st. Patrick's church, the girls school attached to it and the boys christian school the name of which i dont remember at the moment. At the same time, the national tv and other Dubai based channel are giving full coverage to the Valentine's Day. Aint we going a bit wrong? We are stoning the church coz someone of their religion committed a crime against ours. If that is the case then the West is justified in suspecting every Muslim to be a terrorist. Assuming that by some freak logic, this can be justified .. then the same freak logic wont be able to explain the zeal and fervour with which Pakistanis celebrated the Valentines Day.
We have to choose. The choice will matter how we look at things. We should either have our sympathies with the EAST or the WEST. There is no way in between.

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