Monday, February 27, 2006

Its been a long time ...

There is some mess up with the blog recently and I couldnt post for such a long time ... Later then .. this lab needs to be closed now :/


yas said...

Yasir whats up man?
Hope you're ok.
You know I'ma gonna do the hit counter for you till 2000 yeah? Lol...

Take care

yasir said...

nice to hear from u after so long ..
i have been good ..u tell .. how are things working for u ..
there is some problem with my internet and it wont open my blog :/
dont mess with my counter !! :P

Yas said...

Ok, I'll leave your counter alone. :p
Me, I'm ok...Nowt much is going on here. Thiking of coming to your end sometime...

Are you sure its a problem with your internet not your computer? Coz I just tried mine, it works well.