Friday, July 10, 2009

more of Ghani Khan

Not translation this time though, except for the last verse.

But this is the truth O Mighty God,
You do not get jokes.

But the whole poem is amazing.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Ghani Khan

Ghani Khan is a famous Pashto Poet. Below is presented one of his poems. The video is from YouTube, and the lyrics and translation by me. (Hence prone to mistakes, Suggestions/Corrections welcome)

Lyrics :

Khudaya Akal che wo zru day walay rakro?
Pa yo mulk kay dwa khudsara badshahan

O God, why give me a heart when I had wisdom?
(Its like) two selfish Kings in a kindom.

baadchai au fakiri day walay yo kra?
da jwandoon pa hara saa kay marg pinha.

Why have you made Badshahi and Faqiri the same?
In every breath of life, death awaits.

walay gham laka asamman pa jahan khoor day?
khudaya walay khushalli day kra nayaba?

Why sorrow looms over the world like the sky?
Why have You made happiness so rare?

wala joor day kray nanage da gul da paaroon?
khudaya walay nasha bya ae da shahraba?

Why have you made (my beloved's) cheeks out of flower petals
and then Why its Nasha like wine

walaya rang au khaist day dwara khoor au roor kral?
walay walay day jahan kro dak pa rang?

Why have you made color and beauty siblings?
Why have You made the world full of color?

walay kurn day ze paida pa janan na kram?
khudaya walay day awaz kro post da chang?

Why was I not born deaf to the world?
Why is the voice of Chang so sweet?

walay mata day ata kro fikr aur khyal?
walay walay pa rana razay khoobna?

Why have you granted me thinking and imagination?
Why then all the day dreaming?

khudaya walay day zwani har cha la warkra?
khudaya walay day paida kral umeedona?

O God, why did you give youth to everyone?
O God, why did you create expectations?

walay joor day da yaar stargo kay jannat kro?
walay treekh day kro biltoon aur khoog wisal?

Why did you place heaven in my beloved's eyes?
Why have you made separation bitter and union sweet?

khudaya walay day spogmay la rarna warkay?
che zangai may da mastay pa maheen taal?

O God, why have you given the moon its shine?
It rocks me a delicate swing of Masti.

walay joor day kral azghi da gul pa khuwa kay?
walay zru main paak wo jism mai na walay?

Why have you created thornes near the flower?
Why my heart was pure by not my body?

walay ma la day da walay takat rakroo
khudaya walay, khudaya walay, khudaya walay

Why have you give me the ability to ask "why"?
Why O God, Why O God, Why O God?

--Ghani Khan

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wisdom Tooth

A few weeks back I realized that one of my wisdom teeth (the lower left one) has a cavity. Of course I only found out when all the damage had been done. I went to the dentist and he agreed with me saying that they will have to take it out.

Yesterday was the day we had agreed upto for the extraction. I went in, the thing started and took about 1.5 hours, but at the end, I was left with 30 teeth. They had extracted two rather then one. Apparently, the second last tooth had managed to pop out on its own as soon as they started the procedure. It broke near the base and only the roots were left inside the gum. So they had to dig in and take the roots out as well. The wisdom tooth also broke during the extraction, so more digging in for the dentist.

It did not hurt as much as people had me scared. But I took a day off, relaxed and wasted time in general. There still is some swelling in the left side but that would subside soon (hopefully) and I will be able to eat everything that I want to once again. Currently I am unable to completely open my mouth, let alone chewing and swallowing.

Monday, July 06, 2009



Today I talked home for a very long time [~ 3 hours]. A lot of topics came up and some of them had to do with religion and how is it followed. In my view, there are two ways of doing something. You can either do it out of love ( or respect) or out of fear. So basically, if I ask you to do something for me, you can either do it because of the love/respect you have for me (or for our relationship) or because of the fear that if you don't I am capable of doing something bad to you. If you do it for the first reason, you will be happy and so will be I. If you do it for the second reason, you will still get the job done, but you will not be happy doing it as it will feel an extra burden on you.

Along similar lines, we can follow a religion for two reasons. Either we love our creator and will do good deeds in order to prove our love and get love in return. Or we can follow it cause we are afraid of eternal damnation without relief. The conclusions also carry over from the above argument about the reason that you follow. If one says I am afraid to die and hence I will do not such and such thing, then all they are saying is that I am more afraid than thankful. What do you think is the better way to follow? Is life pessimistic or optimistic in your view?

In all there is to life, I am sure that love (if it exists) is a far more powerful tool than fear. Love tames the wildest of animals and fear turns a coward into a rebel. They both have the power to change people for better or for worse. Love can change you to be a better person, fear can only take you to the negative side.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

A new look

I have worked on the new look of my blag since I got bored with the last one. I hope this one looks fresh and green. 

Moreover, I have been blogging very infrequently which I realized last night when I was going through my blag. Will try to amend this from now onwards.

PS. Here is why it is blag (and not blog)