Monday, July 06, 2009



Today I talked home for a very long time [~ 3 hours]. A lot of topics came up and some of them had to do with religion and how is it followed. In my view, there are two ways of doing something. You can either do it out of love ( or respect) or out of fear. So basically, if I ask you to do something for me, you can either do it because of the love/respect you have for me (or for our relationship) or because of the fear that if you don't I am capable of doing something bad to you. If you do it for the first reason, you will be happy and so will be I. If you do it for the second reason, you will still get the job done, but you will not be happy doing it as it will feel an extra burden on you.

Along similar lines, we can follow a religion for two reasons. Either we love our creator and will do good deeds in order to prove our love and get love in return. Or we can follow it cause we are afraid of eternal damnation without relief. The conclusions also carry over from the above argument about the reason that you follow. If one says I am afraid to die and hence I will do not such and such thing, then all they are saying is that I am more afraid than thankful. What do you think is the better way to follow? Is life pessimistic or optimistic in your view?

In all there is to life, I am sure that love (if it exists) is a far more powerful tool than fear. Love tames the wildest of animals and fear turns a coward into a rebel. They both have the power to change people for better or for worse. Love can change you to be a better person, fear can only take you to the negative side.


Glow said...

ur right work gets done both ways...

but that which is done out of fear does not have a lasting impression on people and the person might rebel at one point in time... as the hatred has been building up of making that person do something that one is not convinced to do... but does it out of fear... i think convincing wud be a better option wudnt it be than love or fear? constructive argumentation :P

the-voice-in-your-head said...

Well I had built up the argument from a purely religious point of view. So who is to convince whom in that regard?

Glow said...

depends on the topic under discussion