Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wisdom Tooth

A few weeks back I realized that one of my wisdom teeth (the lower left one) has a cavity. Of course I only found out when all the damage had been done. I went to the dentist and he agreed with me saying that they will have to take it out.

Yesterday was the day we had agreed upto for the extraction. I went in, the thing started and took about 1.5 hours, but at the end, I was left with 30 teeth. They had extracted two rather then one. Apparently, the second last tooth had managed to pop out on its own as soon as they started the procedure. It broke near the base and only the roots were left inside the gum. So they had to dig in and take the roots out as well. The wisdom tooth also broke during the extraction, so more digging in for the dentist.

It did not hurt as much as people had me scared. But I took a day off, relaxed and wasted time in general. There still is some swelling in the left side but that would subside soon (hopefully) and I will be able to eat everything that I want to once again. Currently I am unable to completely open my mouth, let alone chewing and swallowing.


Glow said...

poor u!!:P

old person :P

have icecreams :D

the-voice-in-your-head said...

I hate icecreams :P

Left side dasay lagi laka che nasweer may ikhi wii :D

Glow said...

errrrrrrr u have not lived if u have not loved ice cream :P

lolzzzzzzz tell someone to punch that :P

the-voice-in-your-head said...

that is soooooooo insensitive :@

Glow said...

lolzzzzzz JOKE!!:P

Uni said...

Oh meray Allah ... :S:S:S:S

But good that you didn't find it as painful or scary... (my experience was the worst of its kind)

And how come the second tooth came out on its own? Woh bhe kharab tha?