Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A long post

I really feel like writing a real long post but i have nothing in mind ... my FYP idea is still pending and i dont have any idea what i will do or for that matter what we will do ... all the teachers here suck ...... they are here for nothing but fun as i see it... they sit here teach nothing and their stupid minds are not worth the idea that can be implemented as FYPs ( except for Sajid Qamar, i really like that guy) Today we did a parade to all the faulty members offices but nothing useful came out of it .. they are as dumb ( well infact more dumb ) then us ... a person wanted me to implement a small project as my FYP coz "well in FYPs who works"..... guess he cant be blamed he was trying to help in the first place

today i tried to read my ANN book but no use. ... nothing enters my mind till its a mid or a final the next day ... but i plan to change that ( as if i have been able to do it in the last 3 years :D ) and todays was a fun day ;)

My recent activites tell me that i am a loser ... a total complete idiot loser ... i wont be able to make nething out of my life if i remain how i am .... things need to change and need to change quick ... we are not kids any more .. we need to take decisions by ourselves

and this ends what i wanted to write or at least i dont have nething else in my mind at the moment ... so dear diary good night :D


sQeKy said...

hmm I dont understand why every one thinks of himself as a complete loser :/
especially some people ...
like you for example ... i think you are one of the coolest guys around... you are good natured, polite, amiable and most of all you have good grade points. Now i see that you are not IN those extracircular activities but come on ... you have so much good going on!! ... :S
look at me! im a decrepit miserable guy with a sucky gpa. I don't know a jack about my subjects lacking the least of direction. I probably won't get admission in a decent Masters programme.
Besides that I suck pretty much as well in other activities.
What I don't understand is what makes you feel like a loser.I certainly look up on you ... and if You of all people feel like a loser then .... what am i supposed to feel like :S
This spot is not for you to fill dude!
Leave some space for guyz like me :D

Uni said...

***hmm I dont understand why every one thinks of himself as a complete loser :/***

Hark whoz talking :D:D:D