Monday, September 05, 2005

Random thoughts

a free mind is a dangerous thing

"what is a free mind by the way ?" he asked

"A free mind is the one not polluted by the western ideaology" I replied.

"the u are not going to find any now. The stock is finished, all of em dead !" he informed me.

"Okay, then can i get the one least affected?"

"Hmmmm lemme search ... sorry none found, all are equally infected."

"Can I have mine back?"

"Sorry we destroyed it as it was dangerous"

Darkness fell again


circlejerker said...

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sQeKy said...

Not so random thoughts i must say ...
but do not worry .. you can have my mind ... it is only affected by porn :P
btw lol @ circlejerker
whats this all about? :S

yasir said...

hehehehe i have no idea what he meant by that .. seems like he konws i have shifted to the Dark Lord's side :D

Lord Voldemort i mean :D

Uni said...