Thursday, November 24, 2005

Science Marathon

Yesterday was the science marathon... we decided to take part at the very last moment and reached the place just after the time... It was fun ... we reached the last round ahead of everyone else and there we had to make a model out of paper, icecream sticks, straws and tape. The criteria was to make such a model that would stay in the air longest. We managed to make something nice and something we were sure that would last in the air the most ..

Well then something happened ... we were third, second and finally fourth .. thanks to Science Society who have to care so much about transperancy that they dont even stick to their rules. We dint win ... that doesnt bother me ... what really bothers me is that S cube was third !!

Newayz it was loads of fun ... we enjoyed alot .. and by alot i mean alot
thats all fer now
chao :)

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