Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Life is beautiful

This Friday, I was invited to a dinner. I wasn't expecting much but at the end of the thing.. it was one of the best experiences of my life. Well  if u think that the food was fabulous, then you are wrong. Lets begin at the beginning ...

There is some person that i know, who lives in a village near the place i work now. He invited me over to a dinner party that he had thrown for some reason. All that i knew before leaving was that i will be along the bank of river Indus. We left and it was about an hour long journey ... not because the place was far away .. but because the road was ... well there was no road at all :/  ... and my stupid ( yet beautiful ) car has such a low clearance that i would have been hit like a hundred times ( or so seemed to me) .

We reached the designated place just after sunset. The whole scene was captivating. The river at it full flow due to the current rains, the fog visible around the area .. and the setting sun ... it was all so magical. We walked around for a while .. and then it got dark and the moon came out. It was like a trip to some fairly land. Small lights shining at the far bank.. half lit moon ... the misty air .. the humming river. and just when i was thinking what can be more perfect than this .. our host invited us to sit down and then started the session of regional music ... i don't have words ( literally ) to explain what it was like .. but i can say only one thing .. I hadn't seen anything like that till now ... the good thing about the music was that it was traditional pushto music ( sitar and dholkay ) and the people singing/ performing were just the common people and not professional ... the music went on for a while .. and soon it was time to eat. It was mutton and rice .. but again .. cooked on wood in the open year ... wood rocks ! mutton rocks !

The after dinner session was again a long musical one .. better than then one before. It continued till like 11 pm ... and finally it was time to leave. The road that we took on return was a longer  .. but clearer road .. so my stupid car was also okay with it .

Now .. time to draw conclusions ... firstly .. the more modern/sophisticate/busy that we get... the more we get away from nature .. and the more we become lame . Nature cheers one up as nothing else can .

The second thing .. know thy heritage. You will enjoy it .. but the more important thing is that u are nothing without it. Be modern .. but take your heritage with u . 


Anonymous said...

kya baat kar rahe ho? ofcourse I know urdu. Man how can I not know urdu. dude... which world yer livin in? lol. ya on crack or summin? lol joke. hows life man? everythings cool here, alhamdulillah
cool that you enjoyed yerself. man pushtu stuff is cool.

and whats up with your car? post a pic man. please
by the way remember a while ago you posted a few pics of you and your friends and you told me to guess which oe was you, then in the end younever told me which one was you.
now am beginnning to think, were you even in the picture or not. lol

anyways thats all for now
take care

yas said...

oh yeah, i just noticed the title of the post,, " life is beautiful" yeah manm can be some tiomes, but then it can all go away in a blink and you realise youre reminded of the reality of ife again. hota rehta hai!!!

you working? man i bet you getting big bucks..


yasir said...

acha .. i dint konw .. i though u were in canada somewhere ( dont konw where that came from :D )

about my car .. i will be posting some pics real soon .. am looking for a cam at the moment :D

and u still dint figure out which one i am .. well then u need to work harder on guessing... look for black color :P

yas said...

lol man im in enland, uk
wow u thought i was in canada? that would be hella cool, but im in uk.
dunno where you got that from man,
and ya think if someones in canada, they dont know urdu.? wich world ya live in man? lol kiddin

ok, get your camera real soon, cant wait to see pics.

ill go check the pics out now. and if i get it wrong, then you gotta tell me which ones you.

yas said...

ok i just checked the pictures, and theres two guys in black tops. one sitting, and the other standing right behind him
you gotta be one of the two.
i think youre the one standing. right?
tel me if am right or wring :D