Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Freedom of speech and Internet !

I got this mail a few days back ...there is only one thing that i would say :

If want I wrote is the truth then people should know abuot it, if its not .. then you dont need to worry about ur image being tarnished. If u are stopping me .. stop all of them first who put those stupid cartoon about our Prophet on their blogs. If google cant take them off and what we did was we blocked blogspot like silly cowards. No body .. i repeat NOBODY comes before the Holy Prophet Muhammad ( Peace be upon him)


the actual post that this mail refers to can be found here

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: rehan hussain <>
Date: May 6, 2006 3:06 AM
Subject: Fwd: name slandering - illegal act - crime againts section 22-A under islamic law
yasir dot latif AT gmail dot com

Hello sir,
Kindly remove the article from your site as this is now a matter in legal departments of Google and violation within its jurisdiction is committed. We have this matter looked upon by higher authoroties and surely you would not like to get involve otherwise. Thanks
Rayhan hussain
Toronto legal Team

Note: forwarded message attached.

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---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: rehan hussain <>
Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 20:57:47 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: name slandering - illegal act - crime againts section 22-A under islamic law
Dear Sir / Madam
Trust all well on your side"
I Rayhan Hussain on behalf of are at your disposal for the removal of such group "
It is effecting the credibilityy of the celebrities and very important and respected people that are affiliated with us in the promotion of "Peace and Universal brother hood" and this Peace effort is not only by one idividual its an effort that is in progress globally and steaks will be very high if these unlawfull acts from this group does not come to a halt. This matter is being looked upon by local courts and lawyers and currently have release subpoenas for their arrests.( court orders are in hand and can be presented upon request).
On behalf of I Rayhan Hussain will one more time attach the document which consist of unlawfull act under section 22-A by this so called . It is against the law to bName Slander bwithout any probable cause or proof.
These people are committing a crime against Peace and Universal brotherhood and as you may know this by now that very important, respected politicians and celebrities are affiliated with this website and its cause to promote bPeaceb globally.
Kindly reply us asap with the approval of ARTILCLES removal from GOOGLEbs jurisdiction, Apprantly this customer of yours is unlawfully and illegally misusing your space for the distruction of our image and efforts through out the globe, the matter is SERIOUS!!
Please analyze the attached document and the article below very carefully as itbs a legal issue gone bad and we dont want this to go out hands towards disaster. This article below is a CRIME!!
And it consists of words such as Sex, Terrorist etc.
Awaiting your response.
Thanking you in advance.
I have pasted the contents below, thanks
Toronto Legal Team


yas said...

lol hahaha...
good one. i like dwhat you said at the beginning of the post.. and you're right..
btw please reply to my comments on your other

name said...

Actually this guys is a quite a controversial fig but I personally don’t say any thing abt due to lack of evidence.