Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Babar Razzaq Chaudry

I really dont konw anything about this person for sure ... when I do, I will post it here again. Meanwhile, take ur time and check his site here.

Below is the Fatwa I found somewhere online

Allah knows the truth.

Thank You someone for opening my eyes.
Sorry Yas but I had to do this :)


Yas © said...

This is weird. No segregation!

Yas © said...

I just finished reading the rest of this post. Its ridiculous! No respect for the Quraan, no Puradah is observed e.t.c. Do you know anything about his background? Like where he studied e.t.c?

yasir said...

well everything that i konw about is from
1) His own site
2) A serires of mails that i got from someone

both have conflicting information .. but i dint see the name of a particular college/university anywhere ... check his site for his interviews that came in variuos newpapers .. and u can see the mindset that is reflected from it cant be anything beneficial to Islam and Muslims ..

From what i have heard, he was a travelling agent in America and came back to Pakistan to do the work for Islam ... people are donating money like nething to him ... he is never seen without guards ... and he says that all this money is from his carpet business that is going very well ...
I cant tell nething :S

Yas © said...

Until one doesnt know who exactly he is, its best to stay away as sometimes people like that can lead others astray by their weird self-made-up ways.

I've still not checked out the entire site, but from the points you've made, thats enough for one to get an idea of what he's like. Best to keep away, or take whats good and leave whats not. And that is for those who have the knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. For others, its best to keep away cmpletely.

About all the money thing, tell me about it man. I've seen people and know of others who do the same.
May Allah save us from these sorta things! Sad state of affairs!

HappyMuslim said...

Those, who are busy in discusinog here must be concious whether they are going into back biting & instigating suspicion among the visitors ignoring what Mohammad P.B.U.H said in Al-Hujrat 49:12:

O'you who believe avoid much of suspicion, Surely some suspicion is a sin & you do not spy & do not backbite one another, would any one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? So you would dislike it & take guard of Allah. Surely Allah is Returning, Merciful Al-Hujrat 49:12

You all are requested to seek clarification by watching the lectures so that you can refute their false allegation & may not hurt people in ignorance & then regret afterwards. This line of action is the implementation of Al-Hujrat 49:6.

Al-Hujrat 49:6 O'You who believe if an immoral person comes to you with news, so seek clarification that you may injure people in ignorance then you begin the day regretting over what you have done.

As far as "Educating Quran" is concerned, Mohammad (PBUH) said "Balighoo Anni wa laho Aaya" (Share / Preach / Teach, whether it is a SINGLE Ayat/ verse".

So its the RIGHT and DUTY of EVERY MUSLIM, if he has knowledge, he should share it with others.

yasir said...

u tell me more about what is right and what does he say in his lectures?

MANSOOR said...

Asalam-o-alaikum all,

i normally do not indulge into such things by leaving comments which very few ppl would ever read. but i have seen this guy on tv and herd his B.S. for 5 minutes after that i couldn't control laughing because he's nothing more than a fake. the kinds of him usually become 'unani hakeem' or 'kalay ilam kay mahir' but he picked a different way. the religion. in this way if people blindly come after him he's making money.
if ppl dont stand his bakwas and turn against him, he's controvercial and he can claim to be threatened and make even more money.

its a pitty that the tv channels who air his speaches dont even bother to listen to the stupidity he spits out.

most people would say that he should be banned and blocked. i on the other hand would say that people should be shown his speeches where he makes a mockery of intalect and anyone can see through his majmay bazi nor more than in 5 minutes
coz he doesn't know no shit besides how to cook up chillie stories


Kamran Wasti said...

Assalam o alaikum,

I am an ex-GIKIAN myself and you can contact me at

I'd like to discuss this guy with you in detail. A year ago, I was going through some books at 'Dar-us-Salam' when an old man came and started looking at all those books with me. Just imagine: What was in front of us was a selection of Tafseers like Ibn Kathir, Tafheemul Quran etc. That old man just blasted them all calling them useless (he had a full beard by the way). I wondered... moments later he said, 'All you need to do is to study the verses that start with 'Ya Ayyu Halla Dheena Aamanoo' and things would be clear. Moments later he asked one of the people at the store.. 'Do you have Babar Ch.'s books?' and I was in fits.


Kamran Batch 7

yasir said...

This is the dilema brother. You can't tell the right from the wrong and the people who say they guide you, take you further into the dark.
May Allah guide us.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nasir,
Lets not get into detail about Allah and Rasool pbuh. It would be hard to express in writing.
All I want to say is if you can go and bring your Quran and pls do recite Surah 49 Al-Hujrat ayat 11 & 12 with translation ( slowly word by word )
Allah says not to have suspicion on others nor back bite , so according to Allahs law I think we should atleast verify before posting any comments . Please brother uunless you personally have visited and seen and verified with your own eyes I think we should avoid such comments , such comments are known as back bite , guman and gossip its against Allah's law.
Thanks Brother
Allah ka Banda
Hadees of Rasool pbuh.
"The best amongst you is the one who learns and teaches Quran to others"
Allah Hafiz, I hope Allah and Rasool will help us remove those wrongfull comments about
Thanks Brother Yasir

yasir said...

first its Yasir .. and second .. i guess ur technique worked :S


Anonymous said...

Any body who wants to know about Allah and His Rasool,Prophet Mohammad PBUH, the last prophet, can only do so by reading quraan and Ahadeeth of Rasool e Akram (Sullulaho elehay wa aalay he wasullum)without keeping any prejudice and hatred towards others...this is what I have learnt from Mr Babar R Chaudhry, the one who hasnt gone to any madrissah/university/institution of our worldy standard. He has a simple but yet an effective way of conveying the true message of Islam to both, the muslims as well as non-muslims of the world...

I think great efforts are being put in by him and his team...pse keep up the high spirits

and remember one of the old saying of Arabic, "the dogs bark but the karavaan moves"...AH

Shakeeb said...

Alaka yasira!

I searched for Kamran Wasti and that was the first link that came up :P

yasir said...

wow! :D

Anonymous said...


I am telling you from personal experience.
I have been to his lectures and spoke to him in person.

At this time i did not know much about Islam, and wherever i could attain knowledge, i would do it. Lo and behold i found Babar r. choudry.

At first it seemed that he was authentic, but at the same time i was reading other books from prominent scholars such as Sheykh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyya and listening to scholars such as Zakir Nayak, Yasir Qadhi and such.

To make a long story short, the more I learned of the ways of RasoolAllah s.a.w. and the righteous generations after him, it became evident that Mr. Chowdry did not know anything he was talking about...

Let me give you a few examples.

() as people pointed out there is no sex segregation, which is very necessary especially in a group where there may be mixing of sexes

()I heard him with my own two ears say that there is nothing wrong with celebrating the Prophet s.a.w.'s birthday, which is straight bid'ah.

()He said there is no hikmah behind the prohibition of alcohol

()there is no respect in regard to the Quran, he himself during his sessions sits on a throne-like chair while everyone sits on the floor with the Qur'an.

()Music is not Haram according to him, when there are clear and explicit Hadith prohibiting it.

()He was asked about secularism...and he had no idea what it was...this has nothing to do with the deen but i found it sort of hard to swallow that a "scholar" wouldnt know such a thing. Aside from that he made up an answer which had nothing to do with anything....for a good 20 minutes.

()He called himself an 'Alim...a real scholar knows the limit to their knowledge. A real scholar never refers themselves as scholars.

()He takes it upon himself to interpret the Qur'an without returning to Hadith or even the Authentic tafaasir such as the one from Ibn Kathir, or Moududi, or Tabari.

()He does not quote Hadith.

Again all that i am saying is from PERSONAL experience. I have been there, i have seen this. It is my obligation as a Muslim to warn my brothers and sisters of the fitnah. Also forgive my brief explanation. If i had more time i would have quoted the Hadith. I sincerely apologize, please make sure to check on this yourself for your assurance.

Anonymous said...

Dear Readers myself and my family was involved in baber lectures and his classes. This is what we observe
Babar R Chudhary is a sexuall pedafile who is hidding himself behind the message of peace and Quran.
He is attracting all incocent young girls who he can easily brain wash and impress by Ayat and bring them in bedroom with the help of their so called pimp Sana Ehtesham and Imran Waheed sisters Hina and Umaima who are already in sexual relationship with him.
Here is how he starts his sexual session, He waits until all men in center are either gone out or wait outside his room. He start with few women ( Pimp) around him then one by one he lets everyone request to leave the room except one who he wants to have sex with).
He ask her that how strong she feels about him , Is Allah Rasool important to her then Her husband or family?
He tells her how beautiful she is and then have her show her figure infront of him. In that state of mind girl will willing to do anything for him as he keeps rubbing his hand on her while this session is going on and outside Sana and Imran sisters will make sure no one find out who is still inside with Baber, or they can easily say Baber is having quranic session.
My request to our readers is that there are lot of educated scholars who we never hear any controverseys before and they purly do Allah work so don't waist your time and energy after Babar r chaudahry.
DO NOT FALL FOR HIS PEACE MESSAGE AS He IS SEXUAL PEDAFILE WHO ONLY ATTRACTS WOMEN OR GIRLS SO THAT THEY CAN FALL SO MADLEY IN LOVE WITH "Thinking he is messenger of Allah" Once women are traped in Baber chaker he advised them to spend in the name of ALLAH.

Anonymous said...

Baber R chaudhery founder of is a f***** bastered who has AIDS & is fucking around women. Old, ugly, Bastered ewwwwww. Blacksheep.

Anonymous said...

Dear Annonymous its in conjunction to the comments posted on April 28,2009. I ve been going there to attend lectures and the class sessions If what u r saying is true what is the authentacity this has to be established secondly if u r correct than we all will join hand to clear Pakistan of this manace u will have to disclose u r self. The whole nation in general and the girls going to this sex miniac will be saved from being molasted

Anonymous said...

hahah i know that guy .. Babar Choudhry .. He looks like Jhonny lever.. He has no education what-so-ever .. I know that for a fact since i know him for years .. He has 4 wives out of which one is Italian and one is christian .. He never had a job in his entire life .. some stupid people (which are a few) give away their life savings for him ..

Anonymous said...

Phitkari howi shakal hai ..

Anonymous said...

What ever is written above are wrong, lies, allegations and fabrications. People who are doing this are actually jealous with Mr. Babar Chaudhry. Because of his fame and good work. If you want to see the truth then see the following link.

Anonymous said...

You are right brother, people who do this kind of shameful act are actually jealous with others we can say ( haasid). That’s why they try to spread the misinformation and rumors to stop the good work not only they keep them self away from the good work but they try to prevent others to participate in good work. Just read what Quran Pak says about these kinds of people.

“And of them there are some who listen to you; but We have set veils on their hearts, so they understand it not, and deafness in their ears; and even if they see every one of the Ayât (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) they will not believe therein; to the point that when they come to you to argue with you, the disbelievers say: "These are nothing but tales of the men of old." (25) And they prevent others from him (from following Prophet Muhammad SAW) and they themselves keep away from him, and (by doing so) they destroy not but their ownselves, yet they perceive (it) not. (26) If you could but see when they will be held over the (Hell) Fire! They will say: "Would that we were but sent back (to the world)! Then we would not deny the Ayât (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, revelations, etc.) of our Lord, and we would be of the believers!" (27) Al-Anaam

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this link

Anonymous said...

thats great.... finaly we see the real picture.. keep it up Mr. Chodhry.. you r doing great job MashaAllah.May Allah protect u form all Haideen....

Anonymous said...

Jamia Banoria's another link for Babur chodri

Anonymous said...

View Fatwa links

Please send these link to as many people as possible. We can use awareness to stop this man. May Allah help us to stay on the right path INSHALLAH and

Anonymous said...

Looks like another Hasid arrived… posting dead links …. lol…

Anonymous said...

Toronto Legal Team

Anonymous said...

check this out....

Anonymous said...

mein is reyhan ko janta hoon ek no ka harami or bevi ki kemai khanne wala hey ye aadmi. acha howa ye aadmi ab alrehmanalrheim waloon key sath nahi hey warna itney neek logon ka naam kherab kerta, mein ney suna hay ke ye kuch ersey tak in logon main ghusnay ki koshish ker raha tha or pher apnay harami pan ki khasiyat ki waja say kamyab bhi ho gya tha.mein nay ye bhi suna hey ke ye shakhs apni bewi logon ko paish kerta hey or agar koi shareef aadmi is ki offer ko na mane to donon mian bevi mil ker us per ilzaam laga detay hain. or pher black male kernay ki koshis kertey hein. Allah bachai esey logon sey.

Anonymous said...

This post is still confusing me.

I think in banoria there are two groups, one is in favor of this person & other one is still against.

Anonymous said...

Yaar aisi baat tu na kro na. Is tarah tu mai bhi babar ko janta ho aur mai us ke bare mai 48-G block 2 se le ker 265 broklyn taq ki kahani bata sakta ho. But is ka koi faida nahi raha ab. Babar ne apni personality khud hi maskh kerli hai aur ab wo har wo kaam kre ga jis se wo ye zahir kre ke wo naik admi hai. Aur ye hi us ki sab se bari nakami hai jis ko wo apni kamyabi samajhta hai.

Mai yahan sab se request kro ga ke bas ab is becharey ko is ke haal per chor do aur shayad Allah ka is ko khof ajaye aur wo tauba kerle. hum sab ko apni apni kabro per jana hai aur apna hisab dena hai.

jazakallah kher.

Anonymous said...

I my sight there is no confusion in above link… because it is very clear in this link that some one ask a question according to his thinking, and put some ridicules charges on mr chaudhry . but if u read the answer carefully you will find that they rejects all charges and ask that person to bring the evidence and prove … its very simple brother…


Anonymous said...

Great News

Bohat Bohat Mubarak ho babar bhai.

Anonymous said...

wow. many many congratulations

Anonymous said...

MashaAllah , mubarek ho aap sab ko.

Anonymous said...

Jinab babar chaudry sahib or ki pori team ko meri janib sey bohat bohat mobarat bad qabool ho. Ye video deikh ker had say ziada khoshi hoi. Allah aap logon ko din dogni raat chogni taraqi dey or aap isi terhan deen or mulk ki khidmat kertey rahain Aameen. Pori qoom aap ke is khidmat ko qadar ki nigha se daikhti hay . inshaallah ab wo waqt door nahi jab aap ka ye peghaam poray mulk ke saath saath pori dunya main bhi logon ke diloon main utter jai ga . is liye meri aap se guzarish he ke agar koi kaam koi koshish 17 keror logon ke bhaley ke liye ho or sirf chund logon ko nagawar guzarti ho to aap loog un chund logon ki bilkul perwah na kerain. hum sab aap ke saath hain or bas is purani kahawt ko yaad rakhain ke “ Kuttey Bhonktey Hain or Kaflay Chaltey Hain”. Allah aap logon ko khush rakhey, Aameen.

Anonymous said...

jazakallah Mashallah , we love Islam and Pakistan. you people are real soldiers of Pakistan and Islam. God Bless u all.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment given above, God has given you people tremendous ability to change people’s mind and heart, so don’t worry about few bad people , because there are certain people who always try to stop the good work, but the way you people are handling things is a great example for us. So please keep on doing the good work, our country needs people like you. I thank you from the behalf of our whole nation for putting such a great effort.

Best regards,
Talat Siddique

Anonymous said...

no one can hide the truth.. same news now on Indus tv Network.

congrats Mr. Babar R. Chaudhry.
May Allah Bless U more!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha "ek machar sala admi ko hijra bana deta ha" ye hi misaal ha mr.babur ki ke ek fatwa ne is ko kaha se kaha pohcha dia.

Babur sahab Ab tum per lazim ha ke Jamia Banoria ma proper tareeqe se Alim-e-deen ka course kro aur ye sabit kro ke tum waqaye khuloos-e-dil se us idare ki muslim umma ke liye khidmaat ki izzat kerte ho.

congrats Mr. Babar R. Chaudhry.

Anonymous said...

Babar Kala 100% second copy of Srilankan Cricketer Murlidharan.

Anonymous said...

please read this is very important

Anonymous said...

I think there are two groups in Binori town, one group is supporting babar & the other one is still giving Fatwa against babar:

شکیب said...

Thinking of my last experience, I once again googled Kamran Wasti today. This page ranked third and thoughtlessly, I gave it a click. And man, what do I discover here! People seem to really care about what you write :)

And of course, I could not bear to read all these long comments.

Anonymous said...

first of all i would say that the people who are just taking out mistakes in this person should firstly look at them selves are they THAT GOOD to comment about people and have horrid discussions about them ? its WHAT WE ARE LEARNING THAT COUNTS do not blog about stuff the fatwa has been removed if you do not know so please instead of saying stuff like this about him makes you seem stupid and immature ISLAM is about understanding and it is logical so read the quran if you do not like him do not backbite isnt that what we learn from islam!?

Anonymous said...

What ever is written about Alrehman Alraheen is all allegation and fabrication Mr. chaudhry and his team is doing so wonderful job for Islam, Ulemas of all school of thoughts are appreciating his effort for Islam. Check the following link to see the reality.

Anonymous said...

babar chaudry is a fraud !!

Anonymous said...

Head of Jamia Binoria Martyred
here is the martyrs last deedar:
(pic also shows his students crying)


TTP have said they will take revenge for this

Anonymous said...

ssalam u alaikum!
I know this person very well, a few years before we (I and my family) daily used to go to his home(at the ground flour where the daily lectures are held)in Karachi PECHS Society near noraani kabaab house. to attend the lectures. but after 2 years i started realizing
that he was miss guiding us.
he has some false believes, i mean disbelieves about,
Jin (the Holly Quran talks about Jin) but he dont believe about their presence.
about the future return of hazrat eesa (a.s) he says that He(a.s) will never come again!
he don't force to offer prayers. even that i am sure he is not a regular prayer! he says that without knowing the tranlation of namaz its worthless,
it is good to pray namaz with knowing the meanings but you cant say that it is discourage the regular offerers!
and the recent case is that he has got married fifth time. and all the wives are in his nikkah at present which is not allowed in islam.
most of his followers miss used Qura'ni ayaats for their own benefits!
they start neglecting the ayaats which they don't want to follow or in which they find some loss or no benefits for themselves. they started to hurt peoples with making false meanings of ayaats.
they start trying to mould the meanings of Qurani ayaats in a different way just because of their fake ego and for snatching others rights.
i saw people in my family suffering from all these situation just because of his miss guidance.

Anonymous said...

the above is about babar chaudry from arrahman - he is a fraud... he has hurt lots of family and scammed them for their money in pakistan and N.A

taha siddiqui said...

He is a fraud bastard like her daughter