Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Whats going on

THe last time ... about 4 hours ago when i visited my blog ... i had 521 hits ... and now just in 4 hours they have become 701 .. whats going on .. will someone tell me ... should i check with the ppl who provided me with the counter :S

If u have visited my blog ... [ well u have how else would u be reading this] plz leave me a comment somewhere which will give me a clue about how my blog is makin jumps like that :S
thank u


Yas said...

Did you refresh the page alot? I'm asking coz this counter counts a visit everytime you refresh the page. Its not the unique visits one.
Someone's refeshed it alot, thats the only explanation of it!

yasir said...

nah i dont think so .. coz i have been trying that since that day i got my blog up :D
but that doesnt work .. may be the counter has gone nuts or something .. but if its true what the counter has been counting ... i am very famous \o/
yaaaaaaaay :D

Yas said...

This is weird, coz everytime I refresh the page, the number changes. It goes higher. Look its on 710 now. I'll refresh it 20 times and see it'll go to 730!

:D @ trying to do that snce the day you got your blog up.

The counter hasnt gone nuts. Its just that it isnt a unique visitor counter, and its not the one which logs a visit as a single visit for 20minutes or more!

Yas said...

See look its on 730 now. Infact its on 732 coz I forgot to stop at 730 :p

yasir said...

guess u are right then ... i am not that popular :D
which browser do u have .. coz i tried it in Mozilla Firefox but i dont seem to get the results "i want" :D
thanks for going to the trouble of the thing :)

Yas © said...

I'm using Firefox too. Its the settings maybe.
And its no trouble for me. :D