Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A long day

Today was a long day .. a really long day .. the finals are coming and all the stuff accumulates in these end days
this is my today's todo list:

1330: Computer Graphics Quiz
1730: Communications Systems Quiz
1915: Computer Graphics Presentation
2100: Communications Systems Lab final

well at the moment, its about 2025 so i have to finish this post later .. have to study :/

2038: i just realized that ... i dont want to study .. but i will take the exam anyway

0047: I just came back to the room ... the final went okay .. will get something arnd average grade ... and to add to this long long day .. i had to help some junoirs in thier Data Structures Project .. that is where i am coming from :/
and then ppl say "yasir tum kitnay fairgh ho" :/

0113: wating for the stupid net so that i might be able to publish this post .. its currently in notepad :D
0209: still waiting :/
0212: finallly :D

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