Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The ACM Volunteers' dinner

Last night was the ACM GIKI Chapter's volunteers' dinner for the ppl who had worked for the Softcom 2005. I was one of them too :D
The dinner was okay but what came as a surprise was the first there were a couple of speeches and then they started handing out certificates .... now this was a time to run .... me, Raptor and Watoo ran out of the cafe and waited there till the ceremony was over ....
Also Ratpor has learned "Te Khar aye" [ U are a donkey] and he keeps telling everyone he sees the same :D
Afterwards we ate more with shdman .... so last night was really an eating fiesta :D

okay back to ACM ... when the dinner ended .. i got hold of certificates and shields and ran to the hostel ... to eat the goodies shadman had brought

Last night i awoke just before the morning Aazan .. i had slept preety late .. and i was in those wierd dreams again ... but the moment i woke up it was still dark outside .. and after a min or so the Aazan started ... it was as if someone had woken me up for the morning prayers ... it was a very nice feeling


Yas said...

What is GIKI? It sounds so funny, but I don't know what it means.

About how you woke up for Fajr alaah :coolness:

yasir said...

GIKI stand for Ghulam Ishaq Khan Intitiute of Engineering Sciences and Technology
Its the place were i study :P

Yas said...

Yea I know you study there. I read the word on someone else's site too and assumed it meant like a college or uni of some sort. But now I know what it stands for. The term GIKI is funny. :D

Yas said...

Coolio. You had 200+ visitors within 24 jours or less!!!

yasir said...

that fact amazes me too ... i dont konw what is happening .. how come i have such a large audience :S