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Yas this one is a lil assignment for u .. if u dont mind plz

plz verify these

Tirmizi Narrator:- Hazrat Abu Saeed (R A)
The Messenger of Allah (P.B.U.H) explained this Hadith-e-Qudsi that Allah says , he who does not find time to do Zikir and DuaĆ¢ (supplication ), because of his involvement in the Quran , I bestow upon him more than those who do DuaĆ¢.


Tirmizi Narrator:- Hazrat Imran Bin Hussain (RA)
The Messenger of Allah (P.B.U.H) said: He who reads the Quran should ask a question through the Quran from Allah. Soon such people will come who will read the Quran and will ask the questions with it from other people.

and plz explain em a lil if u can
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Yas © said...

Please delete the two comments above. I just messed it a little...

You know the first Hadith, you didnt quote it full and thats what confused me. I have come across the first Hadith, and the second Hadith too, but whoever translated it into english didn't translate it right hence the confusion.

The first Hadith is mentioned in Tirmidhi (which is one of the 6 Saheeh books). It is also mentoned in Darmi and Baihaqi.

The ending of the Hadith which you left out says, The Fadheelat of Allah's Kalaam on all other Kalaams is just like the Fadheelah of Allah Taalah on the entire creation.

This hadith means that a person who is busy in trying to memorise, read or understand the Quraan, and he has no time to Make Duaa to Alah Taalah, Allah Tallah will grant him better than those who actualy make Duaa to Allah Taalah. Get it?

IN another Hadith it is mentoned that Allah Taalah will give him more reward than of those who thank him.
If you don't get any of it, do let me know. And please don't forget to delete the other comment. JazaakAllah.

As for the second Hadith you mentioned, the word question isnt an appropriate word for it. The word is ASK.
The Hadith means that you should ask Allah though the Quraan. Soon a people will come who will read the Quraan and ask people through the Quraan. Just one example of it is those people who read Quraan and get money/ask for money for it.
Hope you get it.
Any mistakes are from me, May Allah forgive.

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thanks alot .. now it does make sense

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