Friday, December 09, 2005

The Four figures

I am finally in the four figures
My blog has reached 1000 hits ...
thank u all my fans :D
i love u all :D


Yas © said...

I did the 500 hits alright!!! :D
But thas got to be kept a secret. The world doesnt need to know that. All they need to now is that yasir Latif is very famous now and his high-quality posts attract alot of visitors! :p

yasir said...

can u keep a secret :D
if u can thank u :D

yasir said...

and i still cant access ur blog :/
what have u done to it? :P

I-T said...

Haha!!! You did 500 hits, web crawlers probably do a whole lot more.

By the way congrats on reaching 1e3. :P