Monday, December 12, 2005

CDMA Worship @ GIKI

Over the weekend, we had a worshop on CDMA conducted by Dr. Syed Ismail Shah .. one of the authorities in the field. It was an intensive 7 hours a day course and today we gave it final quiz on the basis of which we will [ or will not ] get the certification.
It was a hectic weekend .. there was alot to do .. so little time to sleep .. and the net was down ... so i couldnt even blog :/
the coming two days are as tough as nething ... alot of presentations .. lab final and blah blah :/
hope i get through in one piece
There are alot of confusion thats surround me at the moment ... and i cant tell anyone about them .. at least not at the moment .. i want to go for MS :/


I-T said...

CDMA buddy!!!. Yasir is one of the few CDMA buddies I have had the pleaure of studying CDMA with. The 3rd buddy is Athar Shah. We're like three similar frequency EM waves interfering destructively at times and constructively at others.

yasir said...

yaa man .. it was a nice experience .. specially the whole night that we studied .. i hope we all get the certification :)