Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Day I Offfically Became an Engineer

Today .. is THE day. I am finally out of student life and stepping into what some say is the practical life .. although my life wasnt theoratical even uptil today .. oo wateva .... TOday was announced the result of our final semester .. i got a staggering 3.47 :s ending in a CGPA of 3.53 [ More that enough for me btw ].

But i wasnt as happy as i should have been . a few of my friends are staying back because they were unable to clear a course of two in the final semester ... i wish them luck and patience ... it will soon be over guys (Y)

Rest all fine ... all accomplised .. time to define new goals ... time to step towards new horizons .. not I am Engineer Yasir Latif :>
It might sound no big a deal to u, but it is for me .. sooooooooo

/me dances arnd shouting .. whose the ENGINEER :D



Raptor said...

but.. me? :| what about me? :'(

Anonymous said...


one of the lucky ones :)

but ur still a student:P one incident can change so much!