Monday, January 02, 2006

The New year celebrations

My new year this time ... started in GIKI ... am stuck here for my FYP and Horizon work
On 31st December, we made a plan to go hiking ... but till the time everything was put to order .. it was very late .. night had already fallen .. so there was alil change of plans ... and we went to right bank instead .. after a tea and pakora session .. i floated the idea of celebrating the new year ... so we decided to get a fresh cake for the occasion ... but the place where we are ... its difficult to get one .. as there are no good bakeries here ... but we made a pineapple cake to order ... for which we had to wait for about an hour in Topi. This gave us time to wonder in the market place on the new year's eve ... but dont start thinking something alreadyy ... the whole place was closed like nething :D
At last we got the cake .. with which Zubair had done a lil mischief .. but still .. we walked back to GIKI.
The dinner consisted of chicken Karahi .. at cafe ... it was delicious ... followed by a DP [ the GIKI acronym for Doodh Patti] :D
then we went over to zubair's room and waited for the time to come ... just before the midnight .. we had again alil change of plans and we started the new year ahead of the whole nations ... but approx 25 mins ... cake and pepsi ... a wierd combination though
I stayed over at zubair's and watched a 1973 classic "The Sting" followed by "Bedazzled"... i like heather graham :D
then we watched the ever watchable Bleach till 8am and had our breakfast
so was the first night on the year
lets hope that this year is better that the one that has just passed
here is my checklist for this year

1- Complete my graduation
2- Go for MS .. if i get an admission and a scholarship
3- If not 2, Find a job
4. If not 3, Become a TA at GIKI .. but i dont like that as much
5- [Not Decided yet]

pray for me i get 1 and 2
Hmmm Chicken
[Invader Zim]

Zim: Gir, I have been captured !!!
Gir: Yaaaaaaaaaaaay !!!
Zim: No, Gir thats a bad thing !!
Gir: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!
[Invader Zim]


Ahmar said...

:) Best of luck wid ur plans.....
While readin, i was wonderin who were wid u apart from zubair...and hey i am surprised u managed to get a cake there....


I-T said...