Monday, July 25, 2005

Weekend Over again

Again the weekend is over and i am back in the office for a very long monday ... but today is the last monday .. at least till i get a job for which they will pay me and that will be at least a year from now ... so for the next 1 year ... no more stupid office work on Mondays ....

The weekend was fine ... nothing new happened... well nothing new never happens in my "uneventful" life .. life is just a to and fro motion of a pendulum ... moving along the same path to height and then to the normal ground state ... ephemeral happiness, grief and emotions

All is well now ... I am out of the depression that i had a few posts back .. things are changing ... and the course they are taking is not the one that i would have liked .... I dont want things to end now .. i have adjusted myself to them and now when i have started to like how the events flow .. it will all of a sudden end ..

I came to isb like 2:30 am last night ... then walked from Karachi Company till the flat .. all the time i was so sleepy ... but once i reached the falt i couldnt sleep .. took me arnd an hour to sleep ..then i had to get up at 7:30 am , get ready and come to the office .. .and here i am now

This is the last week of my internship here at UNDP ICT Section .. then i wil be going home and then to GIKI like everyone else... am planning to go to quetta but i dont think that i will be able to manage that ... there are alot of things at are waiting for me at home .... 20 days at home in a rows is a diffcult time to pass


sQeKy said...

Same here last week :|

Azi said...

hmm... poor little dabba :)