Thursday, July 21, 2005

Robots attend nursery school in research study

We are trying to make robots learn as the small children learn . .from trial and error and from experience ... but children dont have 4 CPUs attached to their body and a network of 24 computer to help interprent, understand and memorize ... they just have a network of about a billion neurons ... gone through ages of natural selection
Remeber there are two things ... reason and result .. its the result that counts


sQeKy said...

yes definitly results count ...

Anonymous said...

NS - Bullshit!
Its all just adaptive intelligence that all mammals carry. To the extent they can adapt is limited to their physical boundries!

yasir said...

I do not believe In Darwin's natural selection, but what i wanted to refer to was the fact that the huge Neural Network of the brain has been trained from experince and learing for ages ..
No wonder that NS ( natural Selection ) is limited to physical boundaries .. but i even doubt that :)