Thursday, July 28, 2005

Second Last day of internship

Today is the second last day of my internship here at UNDP and we are giving final touches to what we have made. Tomorrow will be last day of these two months of torment. Our supervisor is on leave till 31st of this month, so we have to come here on Monday to collect our cerrtificates and evaluation. then we are freeeeeeee

I have been thinking about doing a second internship but to hell with it ... lets go home and enjoy what is left of the vacations.

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sQeKy said...

Good for you...
But I think I will have to come on saturday, since odd saturdays are working days and this months has 5 saturdays :S
I am thinking of going to the boss.
I did the stuff and I think I should ask him about the evaluation.
But raptor asshole didnt show up ...
if i go alone this time as well..
he could be in deep shit :S