Friday, July 22, 2005

I hate Fridays

Today is not one of the best days that i have had .. infact it is one of the very few sad days that come in ones life .... i am sad and worried ... i dont know what to do all i can do is pray that things will get better soon .. I have to go home today but i was planning to spend the weekend here in islamabad .. I am feeeling really lonely ... Asif hasnt come to the office as yet .. and i have nothing to do ... nothing to kill my time over thats why i sat down and wrote this crap !

I dont konw it is me or what !? The world is going insane ... Ppl dont fight with me coz you will end up hurting urself less and torturing me more ... cut the crap and to hell with ur crappy attitudes

Asif is here now .... and God i ABHOR making tea

over and out

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