Monday, July 25, 2005

A page form the diary of hatred

I hate u ... if u are reading this u know i am talking about u .. i hate the way u walk, the way u look and they way ur stupid girly mind works .... i dont give a crap about ur passions and ur interests .... what ever u say it all sounds to me like "buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" that is how much your opinion matters to me .... but i have to bear u coz i cant see any way out of it ... had it not been that way ..we would have been enemies in the open ... I know u would feel the same for me coz emotions are bidirectional

U think i admire u while in my heart i am macking ur stupidity
U think i enjoy ur company while i am literally counting the micorseconds till u will leave
U think i like u while i cant hate u less
U think that u can talk me into buying ur crap .. think again .. i am not as stupid as u think
U think that a person can be a friend if u talk friendly to him ... aah u are stupid
U think that u understand me ... well lemme first understand myself myself

Nothing on this face of earth can change the way i feel about u .... and nothing u can do about it neither can I but to hold our silence ... hate each other in our hearts and keep talking and smiling so that ppl may not know of it


sQeKy said...

I hate you

Raptor said...

and bhatti is an asshole. :P oh umm before i say "asshole", i should ask, can we swear in here? in any case, the fact remians, bhatti is an asshole :D

Azi said...