Tuesday, July 19, 2005

10 year old becomes MCP

A 10 year old Pakistani GIRL becomes MCP (MicroSoft Certified Professional)


Girls ... be inspired
Boys ... be ashamed

check out these comments too :D

Bright Child
Her parents must be very proud. Don't be surprised if, when MIT Media Labs $100 laptop initiative gets going, this becomes a lot more common. Posted by: Dan, 16 Jul 2005

look! a flying cow!
trust me, one day rabbits will program .NET while Bill get awfully busy selling his products to caterpillars... Posted by: eman, 17 Jul 2005


sQeKy said...

Do u think we care
why would one be ashamed of something like that ... talent is God gifted you can't do more than what you can do .... unless decree by some greater force ... so stop bullshitting men ... u fat dabbay

Anonymous said...

What comes to show is that even with 3years of bachelors degree behind u people... MS still cant recognize it! But they can accept a small child's test clearance.. who knows who took the test for her!?