Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A poem

A poem I picked up somewhere..

I know of a place,
Where the sun rises slow,
And the don't roosters cry,
So that people when they get up,
Are happy and in peace.

I know of a place,
Where the children still laugh,
Making fun of each other
And running for no reason.

I know of a place,
Where flowers live in homes,
And smile all day long,
Just looking at you.

I know of a place,
I think I remember.
There was love everywhere,
But I forget its name.

--by Anon.


sas said...


I think its time to write poems..how about giving it a shot ?

The poem was nice, thanks for pasting :P...

Author said...

Poetry aint for me brother :D

sas said...

I think so too but it seems to be a nice way to pour out emotions unless you suggest we have better ways to deal with that :)

Anonymous said...

nice one!!!

i was imagining the flowers living in homes and smiling all day long.. wow!!! that wud be so cool haina?

@ sas try a matka:P