Friday, May 08, 2009

Lighter side of life

Clouded by stress, tension and uncertainties, we lead our life in the form of a constant struggle. We love the past, curse the present and long for the future. But on happier note, there is a lighter side to life, where every day is a Sunday, every person is a gem and every thing that you want is yours. The only problem is that we have to look through all the worries to find that place in our hearts.

On a completely different note, all day long old (and I mean really old) tunes have been playing in my head and I have been singing along with it. Am I finally losing it?


Glow said...

aaahhh something after a long time!!!

well said!

did u realize that now?? u had lost it ages ago dude:P

Author said...

Yeah its been long. :)

wokay .. Can you be so nice as to inform the people around me, just in case :P