Saturday, March 15, 2008

of life, of time good and bad .. and of all else

Remember the first time you went to school. Remember the first time that you started learning algebra and just turned a few pages forward to see whats up next, and how it scared the hell out of you. Remember when u looked back at it the next year you laughed and thought that it was silly of you to be scared of something like that, it was so easy, difficult things are still to come. Well, that pretty much sums up life. The only difference is that you can not just turn a few pages to see what it would be like in the future ( well not yet but may be some day ). Coping with life is one of the hardest things that one can do while one is alive. If you are dead, you no longer have to worry about stuff, or so i guess. Life comes, one day at a time .. and days turn into months, months to year  and before you know someone would ask you ur age and you reply, I am this much years. Thats when it strikes you. Life has given you so much years already. The question that comes next to your mind it, what have i done with all this time. Am I where I should be? If I am not where I should be then why is it so?

We set out goals high, aiming at the stars in the hope of ending there. But instead, we end up on the tree top. Which is good, but not as good as the stars. Then you wonder that something it wrong. something somewhere doesnt feel right. There is something in your life that you want to change but only if you knew what it is. Time goes by and things only go worse after that.

Good times are those that are gone by, bad times are these and good times are still to come. So at any given time, it is more probable that you are complaining about it being bad. But if at any given time, the time is bad, then how can it be good once its passed by?

All else is as bad as any other time. I don't know what when wrong, I don't know how to correct it. I am stuck here for at least the next one and half year. I have been coding my fingers off and I am pursuing a degree in communication engineering. A word of advice "Choose your filed wisely" else you will regret it later on in your life.

Life goes on, every day there is something new to take on someplace new to explore and some other piece of code that needs to be written cause we all love reinventing the wheel.

Hope that I have depressed you enough for one day.


Uni said...

Ho Ho.. you cannot depress a depressed person. But you did give one hope :) (surprise?)... Hope because now there is an assurance that there are people out there.. who are wondering the same things..

Have we made the right choices?
Have we chosen our fields wisely? Or wildly?
Do we have what we wanted, or we want more ? Have our wants changed?

:) So thanks :D

Ahmar said...

yasira, walay yaaar? doona khapa walay yey,I am guessing ur mid exams were goign on back then :D...
tension maala marha :P..
btw ma da post na awal da comment uway nu bya mey post uway :D

Ahmar said...

yasira da anonymous soook deee? did u find out or still a mystery?

Anonymous said...

I am quite late to this blog but I sure will leave a comment to help you. The thing is that, you take a specialization too seriously. Communication and coding have (as one of my boss frequently said when he was stuck in a problem) "blur boundaries". Your specialization may help you in your first job and give you an edge in the related fields but it doesn't matter if you go else where. and this coding thing is not that different from communication. Lots of communication companies have software running on their hardware and they are looking for people with knowledge of both. Anyways, I would say that first find out what you want (or like) and then pursue it with all your strengths. Then this specialization thing and other things wont seem that difficult. It just requires a little faith. Faith in your abilities and faith in God.
Hope this helps ;)

yasir said...

Faith is all the I am relying on at the moment. Lets pray that things turn out well in the end. Thanks for your comment.