Monday, April 02, 2007

All in good times, ma boy !

I once asked someone to define me what real is. The reply at that time seemed a bit odd. But now I totally agree "Reality is a persistent illusion".

But the problem with us earth bound ape-descended life forms is that we can not keep things consistent. We are hypocrites.  We  are  people  who  standards are like probabilities  ... random and unpredictable. We behave like morons and angles at the same time. We .. and by we i mean all and me inclusive .. do not know what is was the actually way. We have lost our own selves in the glitter of social loveliness ... we have lost our souls to the modern media .. and our thinking to ... well we never used to think anyways so its better lost.

Time and again .. I have flashbacks to what used to be me a little while ago. I was different, people were different and times were different. This is not a fit of nostalgia .. no .. its just a lamentation ( if that is even a word) to the very perpetually changing and evolving standard that we all have.

Why I love my PC?
Because it never behaves the way it should not.
Why do I hate mankind?
Because they never behave the way they should!!!

This is my message to mankind .. or more particularly to myself ( we learn from the mistakes of others now .. dont we) be consistent.. be one .. make a unified standard for everything.. this on the spot decision .. this is not a good thing... not now .. not ever.


Iqbal Talaat Bhatti said...

Why I love my PC?
Because it never behaves the way it should not.

I find that hard to beleive. You sure you using Microsoft Windows ????

sQeKy said...

lol @ IT

Dabba khul gya hai .... Pandora's dabba has been opened :D

Anonymous said...

well it all happens coz we want all to behave the way we want em, and when this doesnt happen we get frustrated and start blaming stuff..but its true wateva u wrote its true and this is the way life is goin on these days

Shakeeb said...

Well, I suppose I can comment any of your post anytime no matter how recent they are and who cares if you disagree :)

So, I am curious as to what made you say all those things from the definition of reality to on-spot decisions? Of course I am not looking for the actual incident, rather the train of thoughts which led you to mutter that you did.

yasir said...

If I tell you, I will have to kill you >:D