Monday, February 12, 2007

Its all an illusion

Nowadays, GEO Tv is carrying out the recording of so called parliamentary debates  called  "Bolo / Bolo "  ( Speak / Speak ) in  the university campus. Made me rather have a more profound belief that everything that you see on the TV is as fake as fake can be. The things are not as they seem on that small screen. things can be and will be twisted / edited / tweeked as the person incharge wants them to be.

There was a lady today from Lahore School of Economics who was there to talk in Urdu on the topic of  "The mighty writes the history". What is the first thing that is taught to you when u are about to start your debating career? Facing the crowd. The lady was so confused about taking in Urdu that she stopped in the middle of her speech cause someone had shouted from the crowd. She continued after a little catching breath .. and continued not on the topic .. but on the identity crisis that our nation faces and how private and government schools have to do with it . Ironic aint it. A person who is so crushed by her own identity crisis that she cant even speak her own national language went on lecturing the crowd to look into their identity crisis. At last .. she continued on her topic not having the faintest idea that Urdu actually has different words for Victory ( Fatah) and victorious ( Faat'aih).

Identity crisis arises when you don't know who you are. In some cases it arises when you start denying your origin in the fervor of chasing something more glittering and more glamorous. It is the worst when you start looking down upon your own country men as someone whom you least expect to be of any good.


It is when u forget them that u fall into the trap of identity crisis. Private school fill u in with all kinds of crap about how you should be and how you should behave. Screw them ! Be what you are .. not what you should be like. Give yourself a break.

To be yourself is all that you can do.


Anonymous said...

Remeber me?
How you doin man?
Long time.

sQeKy said...

i don't have an identity crisis. I do have an inferiority complex. Write something on that :P

yasir said...

hey Anonymous .. how are u :D
I have a bit memory problems remembering anonymous comment-ers :D

sqeky .. get over it :P

yas said...

dude come on.

yasir said...

just kidding yaar .. how are you .. rather how have u been?

Anonymous said...

am doing fine. how about you?
still studying?

Uni said...

Rather an old post..:) '...but it does hit the nail right on the ... :(