Saturday, October 22, 2005

Responsibility :/

Someone once told me .. u are responsible for urself .. i dont remember why or how i am responsible for the actions of everyone that i know  ..

and i hate 20th Oct .. for reasons that i may not remember after a few years .. but right now .. i am so pissed off

i hate the whole world and i guss the reverse might also become true very soon

i am the mirror on your wall .. talk to me all u want .. but dont expect a reply

pardon me O Lord .. i have done things that u might not approve of ... but give me the courage to face the world i abhor with decency and courage

There is a world and there are ppl .. abandoned places that i visit only in my dreams and the ppl there are like ghosts

there is a something somewhere that keep haunting me like nething

I may not seem to care .. but i cant care less

There is a river .. and there is a peaceful place on its bank .. there i will find peace and sleep like a baby .. no one will disturb us there


Ahmar said...

u hate 20th oct...

yasir said...

i have my reason .. i can hate what i want and love what i want .. any question ??

/me runs away :D

Raven said...

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Ahmar said...

yes!!! i know ,,i know u can hate what u want and u can love what u want buttttt..
i as a frend ought to know naaa :D
why do u hate 20th oct.... :P
tell me ..tell mee......:P:P

sQeKy said...

20th oct ... must be ur birthdate ... O_o
perhaps ... or some other date ... largely affecting you ...
or perhaps some random date that just popped in ur idiotic psychotic brain :P

FuschiaOpal said...

wat a chaotic mind u have